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Biochemistry (Moscow), Volume 61 (1996), Number 7

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Regulation of Thrombin Activity by Ligand-Induced Conformational Changes. A Review

A. A. Gershkovich

Proteins of the Basement Membrane. A Review P. Z. Khasigov, G. Sh. Khasanbaeva, P. G. Rubachev, A. Ya. Nikolaev, and S. V. Grachev

The Role of Electron Excited States in Biochemical Processes I. V. Baskakov and V. L. Voeikov

Effect of Prooxidants on the Induction of Nitric Oxide Synthesis in the Liver of Mice Treated with Bacterial Lipopolysaccharide V. D. Mikoyan, L. N. Kubrina, and A. F. Vanin

Effect of Incubation Medium Dielectric Permeability on the Kinetics of ATP Hydrolysis Catalyzed by the Ca2+-Transporting ATPase Solubilized from Smooth Muscle Cell Plasma Membranes N. N. Slinchenko, S. A. Kosterin, and E. I. Bogutskaya

Correlation between Plasma Transferrin and Liver Malonic Dialdehyde Levels in Mice I. Ya. Kon', N. M. Shilina, and A. N. Koterov

Study of the Stability of the Hydrophobic Core of Protein Molecules Versus the Degree of Their Packing A. V. Trikulenko

Specific Characteristics and Primary Structure of Protein BASP1 Initially Found in Axon Terminals of Neurons M. I. Mosevitsky, J.-P. Caponi, G. Yu. Skladchikova, V. A. Novitskaya, and A. Yu. Plekhanov

Linear Fusion of HIV-1 B-Epitopes and Heterologous T-Cell Epitopes. I. Preservation of the Antigenic Properties of the HIV-1 B-Cell Epitopes M. G. Isaguliants, R. Koshida, U. Ruden, and B. Wahren

Linear Fusion of HIV-1 B-Epitopes and Heterologous T-Cell Epitopes. II. Multiparametric Assay of Immunogenicity of Composite Peptides in Rabbits M. G. Isaguliants, U. Ruden, and B. Wahren

Investigation of the Copper Center of Membrane-Bound Methane Monooxygenase from Subcellular Structures of Methylococcus capsulatus (Strain M) I. A. Tukhvatullin, L. A. Korshunova, R. I. Gvozdev, and H. Dalton

Two Components of Sodium Azide-Insensitive Mg2+,ATP-Dependent Ca2+ Transport in Membranes of Ureter Smooth Muscle L. A. Prischepa, F. V. Burdyga, and S. A. Kosterin

Kinetic Modeling of the Mechanism of Allosteric Interaction of Restriction Endonuclease EcoRII with Two DNA Sites O. V. Petrauskene, V. N. Tashlitsky, M. G. Brevnov, J. Backmann, and E. S. Gromova

Inhibitors of ADP/ATP-Antiporter Induce Two Ca2+-Dependent Uncoupling Systems in Rat Liver Mitochondria L. M. Mikhailova, Yu. E. Kushnareva, and A. Yu. Andreyev

The Rate of the Glucokinase Reaction Is Controlled by Its Elemental Steps Ya. R. Nartsissov and B. N. Kholodenko

Assay of ATP in Intact Escherichia coli Cells Expressing Recombinant Firefly Luciferase E. I. Dementieva, N. N. Ugarova, and P. H. Cobbold

2-C-Methyl-D-erythritol-2,4-cyclopyrophosphate Participates in Bacterial Oxidative Stress Reactions and Their Persistence in Macrophages O. D. Ogrel, K. V. Fegeding, A. S. Kapreliants, E. I. Lysak, Min Shon Ngo, A. B. Sudarikov, E. F. Kharatian, and D. N. Ostrovsky

Accidental Necessity, Initiation of Transcription, Cell Differentiation, and Necessary Accidents A. G. Golubev

Mitochondrial Transport of Nucleic Acids. Involvement of the Benzodiazepine Receptor D. B. Zorov

Membrane Bioenergetics Discussed at an International Conference in Moscow B. V. Chernyak