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The Tenth International Symposium on Bio- and Chemiluminescence will be held 4-8 September 1998 in Bologna, Italy, at the University of Bologna. The Symposium is the official meeting of the International Society on Bioluminescence and Chemiluminescence.

The program of the Symposium includes both fundamental problems (from molecular biology of bioluminescent systems to biology of light-emitting organisms, from biochemistry to chemistry and physics of chemi- and bioluminescent systems) and application of bio- and chemiluminescence in various fields (clinical, pharmacological, and ecological analysis, fast microbiology, toxicology, immunology, technology using reporter genes and molecular probes, measuring equipment). The implementation of bio- and chemiluminescence in education will be also discussed.

Address for more detailed information:

Prof. Aldo Roda, Head of Organizing Committee
Dept. of Pharmaceutical Science
University of Bologna,
Via Belmeloro, 6-40126 Bologna, Italy
Phone/Fax: +39 51 343398
E-mail: roda@alma.unibo.it
Symposium web page: http://www.unibo.it/dipscifarm/chimanal