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Biochemistry (Moscow), Volume 63 (1998), Number 8

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REVIEW: Inducers of the Cytochrome P-450 Superfamily as Promoters of Carcinogenesis

V. A. Koblyakov
885/1043 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Extracellular Proteolytic Enzymes of Filamentous Fungi E. B. Pavlukova, M. A. Belozersky, and Y. E. Dunaevsky
899/1059 [Abstract]

Photoaffinity Labeling of DNA Polymerase from Thermus thermophilus and DNA Template by Photoreactive Analogs of dCTP A. L. Zakharenko, S. N. Khodyreva, N. I. Rechkunova, I. V. Safronov, D. V. Pyshnyi, S. Kh. Degtyarev, and O. I. Lavrik
929/1090 [Abstract]

Human Breast Milk Immunoglobulins G Hydrolyze Nucleotides D. V. Semenov, T. G. Kanyshkova, Yu. Ya. Kit, D. Yu. Khlimankov, A. M. Akimzhanov, D. A. Gorbunov, V. N. Buneva, and G. A. Nevinsky
935/1097 [Abstract]

Interaction of Human Milk Lactoferrin with ATP D. V. Semenov, T. G. Kanyshkova, A. M. Akimzhanov, V. N. Buneva, and G. A. Nevinsky
944/1107 [Abstract]

Calorimetric Studies of the Thermal Unfolding of Smooth Muscle Myosin Fragments and Their Complexes with ADP and Phosphate Analogs D. A. Pavlov, A. Sobieszek, and D. I. Levitsky
952/1116 [Abstract]

Structure of the Decoding Center of the Ribosome P. V. Sergiev, I. N. Lavrik, S. S. Dokudovskaya, O. A. Dontsova, and A. A. Bogdanov
963/1129 [Abstract]

Radiation-Induced Lipoperoxidative Stress in Children Coupled with Deficit of Essential Antioxidants E. A. Neyfakh, A. I. Alimbekova, and G. F. Ivanenko
977/1144 [Abstract]

Kinetic Investigation of Cooperativity in Coenzyme Binding by Transketolase Active Sites M. V. Kovina, V. A. Selivanov, N. V. Kochevova, and G. A. Kochetov
988/1155 [Abstract]

Xanthene Dyes as Photochemical Donors for the Nitrogenase Reaction S. Yu. Druzhinin, L. A. Syrtsova, N. N. Denisov, N. I. Shkondina, and V. Yu. Gak
996/1164 [Abstract]


Kinetics of All Stages of Electron Transfer in Nitrogenase in the Presence of a Photodonor

L. A. Syrtsova, V. A. Nadtochenko, and E. A. Timofeeva
1007/1176 [Abstract]