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Effect of Lignin on Growth and Tyrosinase Activity of Fungi from the Genus Aspergillus

G. S. Gukasyan

Armenian Research Institute of Applied Chemistry, ul. Bagratunyats 70, Yerevan, 375029 Armenia; fax: +375907155; E-mail: ARIAC@servis.arminco.com

Received June 9, 1998; Revision received October 1, 1998
The effect of lignin hydrolyzate (a waste product of the pulp and paper industry) on the growth and tyrosinase activity of several strains of fungi of the genus Aspergillus was studied. During fungal growth lignin was degraded with the formation of soluble aromatic products. Accumulation of these products in the growth medium leads to a 60-100-fold increase in tyrosinase synthesis. The intensity of tyrosinase synthesis depends on the composition of the growth medium. The ratio between lignin and glucose concentrations seems to be the main factor; the activity was maximal at the ratio 2:1.
KEY WORDS: lignin, tyrosinase, Aspergillus