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Biochemistry (Moscow), Volume 65 (2000), Number 9

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REVIEW: Fatty Acids as Uncouplers of Oxidative Phosphorylation

V. N. Samartsev
991/1173 [Abstract]

A Study of the Asp110-Glu112 Region of EcoRII Restriction Endonuclease by Site-Directed Mutagenesis V. N. Sergeev, S. E. Chalov, V. L. Drutsa, and E. S. Gromova
1006/1190 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

Expression, Refolding, and Ferritin-Binding Activity of the Isolated VL-Domain of Monoclonal Antibody F11 A. P. Dubnovitsky, Z. I. Kravchuk, A. A. Chumanevich, A. Cozzi, P. Arosio, and S. P. Martsev
1011/1196 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

Hypothetical 92.3-kD Human Protein Homologous to Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme: A New Member of the Zinc Metalloprotease Family? A. G. Buchatskii, K. Yu. Kazachenko, and A. A. Alexandrov
1019/1205 [Abstract]

Regulation of Oxidative Phosphorylation in the Inner Membrane of Rat Liver Mitochondria by Calcium Ions Yu. V. Evtodienko, T. S. Azarashvili, V. V. Teplova, I. V. Odinokova, and N.-E. Saris
1023/1210 [Abstract]

Effects of Nitric Oxide Donors on Ca2+-Dependent [14C]GABA Release from Brain Synaptosomes: the Role of SH-Groups P. I. Nedvetsky, S. V. Konev, A. A. Rakovich, S. V. Petrenko, and A. A. Mongin
1027/1215 [Abstract]

Intracellular Glucosaminidase of the Bacterium Xanthomonas campestris IBPM B-124: Purification and Properties I. M. Tsfasman, O. A. Stepnaya, N. V. Bazhanova, and I. S. Kulaev
1036/1225 [Abstract]

Conformational Analysis of the Biologically Active RGD-Containing Anti-adhesive Peptide Cyclo(ArgGlyAspPhe-D-Val) P. V. Kostetsky and I. V. Artemjev
1041/1231 [Abstract]

Interaction of Trypsin with Multilamellar Vesicles of Soybean Lipids O. M. Martynova, O. P. Tiourina, A. A. Selischeva, G. M. Sorokoumova, V. I. Shvets, and N. I. Larionova
1049/1240 [Abstract]

Structure of the O-Specific Polysaccharide of the Bacterium Proteus vulgaris O23 A. V. Perepelov, A. S. Shashkov, D. Babichka, S. N. Senchenkova, B. Bartodziejska, A. Rozalski, and Y. A. Knirel
1055/1247 [Abstract]

Structure of an Acidic O-Specific Polysaccharide of the Marine Bacterium Pseudoalteromonas sp. KMM 634 N. A. Komandrova, S. V. Tomshich, L. S. Shevchenko, A. V. Perepelov, S. N. Senchenkova, A. S. Shashkov, and Y. A. Knirel
1060/1253 [Abstract]

Structure and Folding of Bacteriophage T4 Gene Product 9 Triggering Infection. II. Study of Conformational Changes of Gene Product 9 Mutants Using Monoclonal Antibodies L. V. Zhemaeva, N. N. Sykilinda, G. A. Navruzbekov, L. P. Kurochkina, and V. V. Mesyanzhinov
1068/1262 [Abstract]

The Primary Structure of the N-Terminal Region of Mature Alkaline Phosphatase Is Critical for Secretion and Function of the Enzyme S. V. Kononova, S. N. Zolov, V. I. Krupyanko, and M. A. Nesmeyanova
1075/1270 [Abstract]

Interaction of Bacterial Endotoxins with Chitosan. Effect of Endotoxin Structure, Chitosan Molecular Mass, and Ionic Strength of the Solution on the Formation of the Complex V. N. Davydova, I. M. Yermak, V. I. Gorbach, I. N. Krasikova, and T. F. Solov'eva
1082/1278 [Abstract]

Monoamine Oxidase Inhibition by N-Alkyloxycarbonyl Derivatives of Ethylene Diamine V. F. Pozdnev, L. N. Axenova, and A. E. Medvedev
1091/1288 [Abstract]

The Major Phospholipid of Escherichia coli, Phosphatidylethanolamine, Is Required for Efficient Production and Secretion of Alkaline Phosphatase V. V. Golovastov, N. I. Mikhaleva, L. Yu. Kadyrova, and M. A. Nesmeyanova
1097/1295 [Abstract]

Kinetics of Inhibition of Green Crab (Scylla serrata) Alkaline Phosphatase by Vanadate Q.-X. Chen, W.-Z. Zheng, J.-Y. Lin, Z.-T. Cai, and H.-M. Zhou
1105/1305 [Abstract]

Iminosugars as Glycosidase Inhibitors. Nojirimycin and Beyond (A. E. Stütz (ed.) Wiley-VCH, Weinheim-New York-Chichester-Brisbane-Singapore-Toronto, 1999) G. Ya. Wiederschain
1111/1311 [Full Article]