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Biochemistry (Moscow), Volume 66 (2001), Number 6

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REVIEW: Location of Template on the Human Ribosome as Revealed from Data on Cross-Linking with Reactive mRNA Analogs

D. M. Graifer, G. G. Karpova, and D. G. Knorre
585/725 [Abstract]

Differences in Lipid Composition and Proliferative Activity of Rat Hepatoma-27 Depending on the Target Organ V. A. Kobliakov, O. G. Somova, V. F. Kondalenko, N. M. Ostashkina, A. G. Kandyba, T. K. Dubovaya, and E. V. Dyatlovitskaya
603/745 [Abstract]

Peroxidase-Catalyzed Co-oxidation of 3,3´,5,5´-Tetramethylbenzidine with 2-Amino-4-nitrophenol, 4,4´-Dihydroxydiphenylsulfone, and Their Polydisulfides in Aqueous and Micellar Media E. I. Karasyova, Yu. P. Losev, and D. I. Metelitza
608/751 [Abstract]

Isolation and Study of Some Properties of Laccase from the Basidiomycetes Cerrena maxima O. V. Koroleva, I. S. Yavmetdinov, S. V. Shleev, E. V. Stepanova, and V. P. Gavrilova
618/762 [Abstract]

Effect of Two Conserved Amino Acid Residues on DREB1A Function Z.-F. Cao, J. Li, F. Chen, Y.-Q. Li, H.-M. Zhou, and Q. Liu
623/768 [Abstract]

Investigation of Calcium Accumulation in Mitochondria in Cells Undergoing Apoptosis V. E. Galitovsky and V. G. Gogvadze
628/775 [Abstract]

Regulation of Free Radical Processes by Delta-Sleep Inducing Peptide in Rat Tissues under Cold Stress T. A. Shustanova, T. I. Bondarenko, N. P. Milyutina, and I. I. Mikhaleva
632/780 [Abstract]

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhibits Photosynthetic Electron Transport in Cells of Cyanobacteria V. D. Samuilov, D. B. Bezryadnov, M. V. Gusev, A. V. Kitashov, and T. A. Fedorenko
640/790 [Abstract]

Isolation, Purification, and Characterization of Catalase from the Methylotrophic Yeast Pichia pastoris M. V. Potapovich, A. N. Eryomin, I. M. Artzukevich, I. P. Chernikevich, and D. I. Metelitza
646/797 [Abstract]

Inhibition of Human Platelet Aggregation by Amides and Ester of Salicylic Acid with Platelet-Activating Factor Analogs V. I. Kulikov and G. I. Muzya
658/811 [Abstract]

Influence of Acidic Exopolysaccharide of Xanthomonas campestris IBPM 124 on the Kinetic Parameters of Extracellular Bacteriolytic Enzymes O. A. Stepnaya, L. P. Ryazanova, V. I. Krupyanko, and I. S. Kulaev
662/816 [Abstract]

Site-Directed Mutagenesis of Cytochrome b5 for Studies of Its Interaction with Cytochrome P450 M. V. Chudaev, A. A. Gilep, and S. A. Usanov
667/822 [Abstract]

Interaction between Duodenase and alpha1-Proteinase Inhibitor I. P. Gladysheva, N. A. Popykina, T. S. Zamolodchikova, and N. I. Larionova
682/839 [Abstract]

16alpha,17alpha-Cycloalkane Derivatives of Progesterone Intensively Bind to a Rat Serum Protein A. N. Smirnov, E. V. Pokrovskaya, I. S. Levina, L. E. Kulikova, A. V. Kamernitzky, and V. P. Shevchenko
688/846 [Abstract]

Properties of Bacteriophage T4 Baseplate Protein Encoded by Gene 8 M. M. Shneider, S. P. Boudko, A. Lustig, and V. V. Mesyanzhinov
693/853 [Abstract]

Introduction to Cellular Signal Transduction (Ari Sitaramayya, ed., Birkhauser, Boston-Basel-Berlin, 1999, 311 p.) A. A. Boldyrev
698/860 [Full Article]

Cell Growth and Oncogenesis (P. Bannasch, D. Kanduc, S. Para, J. M. Tager, eds., Birkhauser Verlag, Basel-Berlin-Boston, 1998, 328 p.) P. Bannasch
699/862 [Full Article]

Metallothionein IV (C. Klaassen, ed., Birkhauser Verlag, Basel-Berlin-Boston, 1996, 696 pp.) C. Klaassen
700/862 [Full Article]