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Biochemistry (Moscow), Volume 69 (2004), Number 8

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REVIEW: Palm Tree Peroxidases

I. Yu. Sakharov
823/1013 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Protein Folding in the Cell: On the Mechanisms of Its Acceleration N. K. Nagradova
830/1021 [Abstract]

REVIEW: JNK: A Key Modulator of Intracellular Signaling S. Vlahopoulos and V. C. Zoumpourlis
844/1038 [Abstract]

MINI-REVIEW: Regulation of Gene Expression via Triple Helical Formations V. Karympalis, K. Kalopita, A. Zarros, and H. Carageorgiou
855/1051 [Abstract]

Different Mechanisms of Protective and Differentiative Activities of Homological Peptides TGENHR and TQVEHR S. S. Zhokhov, I. A. Kostanyan, N. V. Gibanova, E. A. Surina, I. L. Rodionov, Z. I. Storozheva, A. T. Proshin, I. I. Babichenko, and V. M. Lipkin
861/1059 [Abstract]

Elucidation and Characteristics of Non-opioid beta-Endorphin Receptors in Rat Adrenal Cortex E. V. Navolotskaya, Yu. A. Kovalitskaya, Yu. A. Zolotarev, N. Yu. Kudryashova, E. N. Goncharenko, A. A. Kolobov, E. A. Kampe-Nemm, N. V. Malkova, V. V. Yurovsky, and V. M. Lipkin
870/1071 [Abstract]

Role of Putrescine in Regulation of the sigmaS Subunit of RNA Polymerase in Escherichia coli Cells on Transition to Stationary Phase A. G. Tkachenko and M. S. Shumkov
876/1079 [Abstract]

Genetic Signal Transduction by Nitrosyl-Iron Complexes in Escherichia coli S. V. Vasilieva, E. Yu. Moshkovskaya, N. A. Sanina, S. M. Aldoshin, and A. F. Vanin
883/1088 [Abstract]

Temporary Stabilization of Electron on Quinone Acceptor Side of Reaction Centers from the Bacterium Rhodobacter sphaeroides Wild Type and Mutant SA(L223) Depending on Duration of Light Activation P. P. Knox, N. I. Zakharova, N. H. Seifullina, I. Yu. Churbanova, M. D. Mamedov, and A. Yu. Semenov
890/1096 [Abstract]

Isolation, Purification, and Crystallization of Aspartate Aminotransferase from Wheat Grain V. M. Kochkina
897/1104 [Abstract]

Photoconversion of the Chromophore of a Fluorescent Protein from Dendronephthya sp. A. A. Pakhomov, N. Yu. Martynova, N. G. Gurskaya, T. A. Balashova, and V. I. Martynov
901/1108 [Abstract]

Study of Secondary Specificity of Enteropeptidase in Comparison with Trypsin A. G. Mikhailova, V. V. Likhareva, B. V. Vaskovsky, S. K. Garanin, L. V. Onoprienko, I. A. Prudchenko, L. D. Chikin, and L. D. Rumsh
909/1118 [Abstract]

Enzymatic Characterization and Functional Groups of Polyphenol Oxidase from the Pupae of Blowfly (Sarcophaga bullata) Qin Wang, Qing-Xi Chen, Xiao-Hong Huang, Li-Na Ke, Yan Shi, and Jun Wang
918/1129 [Abstract]

Isolation and Identification of a New Thymic Peptide from Calf Thymus Xi-Ming Qin, Ming-Xing Duan, Bin Deng, Xi-Cheng Liu, Qiang-Zhe Zhang, Zheng Liu, and Hong-Xuan He
921/1133 [Abstract]

H2O2-Induced Inhibition of Photosynthetic O2 Evolution by Anabaena variabilis Cells V. D. Samuilov, K. N. Timofeev, S. V. Sinitsyn, and D. V. Bezryadnov
926/1139 [Abstract]

p53 Protocols (Deb, S., and Deb, S. P. (eds.) in Series “Methods in Molecular Biology”, Vol. 234 (Series Editor John Walker), Humana Press, 2003, 300 p.) G. Ya. Wiederschain
934/1149 [Full Article]

Mechanisms and Mediators of Neuropathic Pain (Malmberg, A. B., and Chaplan, S. R. (eds.) Birkhauser, Basel-Boston-Berlin, 2002) O. P. Balezina
936/1151 [Full Article]