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REVIEW: Coupling between Neuronal and Glial Cells via Glutamate Metabolism in Brain of Healthy Persons and Patients with Mental Disorders

I. S. Boksha

Mental Health Research Center, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Zagorodnoe Shosse 2/2, Moscow 117152, Russia; fax: (7-095) 952-8940; E-mail: boksha_irina@yahoo.co.uk

Received July 31, 2003; Revision received October 24, 2003
This review summarizes general considerations on glutamate metabolism in human brain. Biochemical coupling between neurons and glia is discussed with respect to glutamate metabolism and its compartmentation. Glutamate recycling and the role of key glutamate-metabolizing enzymes are viewed. Alterations in components of glutamatergic system and glutamate metabolizing enzymes are considered with reference to mental disorders such as senile dementia of Alzheimer's type and schizophrenia.
KEY WORDS: glutamate metabolism, human brain, mental disorders