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Vladimir Petrovich Skulachev

Vladimir Petrovich Skulachev

Happy Birthday!

Dear readers! You can see an unusual issue of Biochemistry (Moscow). This issue is a gift for the 70th anniversary of Vladimir Petrovich Skulachev, a distinguished Biochemist, remarkable Teacher, and excellent Editor in Chief. For 50 years of intensive creative activity Vladimir Petrovich has made immense contributions to various fields of biochemistry, he created and headed in our country a new line, membrane bioenergetics, educated several generations of researchers, and during the last 15 years he has been the leader of the main journal of Russian Biochemists and their scientific Society. Such a versatility of the hero of the day has considerably complicated the compiling of this issue. We attempted to present works in all major directions that attracted and still attract Vladimir Petrovich. But we failed! This would require at least the year volume of the journal, but our colleagues would not pardon this. We were unable to include studies on retinal containing proteins, mitochondrial ATP synthase, aging theories, etc. We attempted to present works of all disciples and close friends. And we also failed for the same reason. We beg our colleagues who received no place in these pages to pardon us. Nevertheless, we hope that our gift is a success. From all our hearts we wish Vladimir Petrovich to be healthy and have many more years of active creative work for the good of our science and joy of his coworkers, disciples, and friends!


From those who worked on this issue,
Boris V. Chernyak, Compiler
Rada D. Ozrina, Editor