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REVIEW: Inducible Lectins and Plant Resistance to Pathogens and Abiotic Stress

A. V. Babosha

Tsitsin Main Botanical Garden, Russian Academy of Sciences, ul. Botanicheskaya 4, 127276 Moscow, Russia; E-mail: phimmunitet@yandex.ru

Received April 9, 2007; Revision received December 24, 2007
Lectin concentration (activity) increases in plant tissues upon infection by pathogens, in response to abiotic stress, as well as during growth and development of tissues. Such a broad range of events accompanied by accumulation of lectins is indicative of their involvement in regulation of integral processes in plant cells. Data concerning the role of lectins in regulation of oxidative stress and stress-induced cytoskeleton rearrangements are presented.
KEY WORDS: lectins, stress, pathogenesis, phytohormones, reactive oxygen species, cytoskeleton

DOI: 10.1134/S0006297908070109