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REVIEW: Mechanisms of Single-Stranded DNA-Binding Protein Functioning in Cellular DNA Metabolism

P. E. Pestryakov and O. I. Lavrik*

Institute of Chemical Biology and Fundamental Medicine, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, pr. Akademika Lavrentieva 8, 630090 Novosibirsk, Russia; E-mail: lavrik@niboch.nsc.ru

* To whom correspondence should be addressed.

Received February 7, 2008; Revision received May 29, 2008
This review deals with analysis of mechanisms involved in coordination of DNA replication and repair by SSB proteins; characteristics of eukaryotic, prokaryotic, and archaeal SSB proteins are considered, which made it possible to distinguish general mechanisms specific for functioning of proteins from organisms of different life domains. Mechanisms of SSB protein interactions with DNA during metabolism of the latter are studied; structural organization of the SSB protein complexes with DNA, as well as structural and functional peculiarities of different SSB proteins are analyzed.
KEY WORDS: SSB proteins, replication protein A, protein-DNA complexes, DNA replication, DNA repair

DOI: 10.1134/S0006297908130026