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Biochemistry (Moscow), Volume 76 (2011), Issue 2

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REVIEW: Physiological Scenarios of Programmed Loss of Mitochondrial DNA Function and Death of Yeast

S. A. Kochmak, D. A. Knorre, S. S. Sokolov, and F. F. Severin
167/205 [Abstract]

Investigation of Formate Transport through the Substrate Channel of Formate Dehydrogenase by Steered Molecular Dynamics Simulations D. K. Nilov, I. G. Shabalin, V. O. Popov, and V. K. Švedas
172/211 [Abstract]

Molecular Modeling of Human Lanosterol 14α-Demethylase Complexes with Substrates and Their Derivatives D. V. Mukha, S. I. Feranchuk, A. A. Gilep, and S. A. Usanov
175/214 [Abstract]

Cys377 Residue in NqrF Subunit Confers Ag+ Sensitivity of Na+-Translocating NADH:quinone Oxidoreductase from Vibrio harveyi M. S. Fadeeva, Y. V. Bertsova, L. Euro, and A. V. Bogachev
186/226 [Abstract]

Interaction between MAK-V Protein Kinase and Synaptopodin S. V. Kalinichenko, P. N. Vikhreva, and I. V. Korobko
196/238 [Abstract]

Toxin-Binding Proteins Isolated from Yellow Mealworm Tenebrio molitor and Wax Moth Galleria mellonella N. V. Bulushova, D. P. Zhuzhikov, L. I. Lyutikova, N. E. Kirillova, I. A. Zalunin, and G. G. Chestukhina
202/245 [Abstract]

Submitochondrial Fragments of Brain Mitochondria: General Characteristics and Catalytic Properties of NADH:ubiquinone Oxidoreductase (Complex I) D. S. Kalashnikov, V. G. Grivennikova, and A. D. Vinogradov
209/253 [Abstract]

Free Fatty Acids as Inducers and Regulators of Uncoupling of Oxidative Phosphorylation in Liver Mitochondria with Participation of ADP/ATP- and Aspartate/Glutamate-Antiporter V. N. Samartsev, E. I. Marchik, and L. V. Shamagulova
217/264 [Abstract]

Bacterial Proteins Fold Faster than Eukaryotic Proteins with Simple Folding Kinetics O. V. Galzitskaya, N. S. Bogatyreva, and A. V. Glyakina
225/274 [Abstract]

Prediction of Folding Nuclei in tRNA Molecules L. B. Pereyaslavets, M. V. Baranov, E. I. Leonova, and O. V. Galzitskaya
236/287 [Abstract]

Rapid Photometric Detection of Thymine Residues Partially Flipped out of Double Helix as a Method for Direct Scanning of Point Mutations and Apurinic DNA Sites N. A. Logvina, M. G. Yakubovskaya, and N. G. Dolinnaya
245/297 [Abstract]

Identification of Functional Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor α Response Element in the Human Ppsig Gene Jie Gu, Zhi Li, Yan Sun, and Lin Lan Wei
253/307 [Abstract]

Role of Transcription Factors in mtDNA Biogenesis Mediated by Thyroid Hormones M. V. Patrushev and V. E. Patrusheva
260/316 [Abstract]

Oxidation of Glyceraldehyde-3-Phosphate Dehydrogenase Decreases Sperm Motility Yu. L. Elkina, M. M. Atroshchenko, E. E. Bragina, V. I. Muronetz, and E. V. Schmalhausen
268/326 [Abstract]

Kinetic Mechanism of Human Apurinic/Apyrimidinic Endonuclease Action in Nucleotide Incision Repair N. A. Timofeyeva, V. V. Koval, A. A. Ishchenko, M. K. Saparbaev, and O. S. Fedorova
273/333 [Abstract]