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Biochemistry (Moscow), Volume 76 (2011), Issue 8

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RNA Editing: Breaking the Dogma

A. A. Bogdanov, R. A. Zinovkin, and A. A. Zamyatnin, Jr.
867/1061 [Full Article]

REVIEW: RNA Editing Adds Flavor to Complexity C. P. Godfried Sie and M. Kuchka
869/1064 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Glutamate Receptor RNA Editing in Health and Disease A. Barbon and S. Barlati
882/1079 [Abstract]

REVIEW: A-to-I RNA Editing Modulates the Pharmacology of Neuronal Ion Channels and Receptors A. K. Streit and N. Decher
890/1089 [Abstract]

REVIEW: RNA Editing Catalyzed by ADAR1 and Its Function in Mammalian Cells Qingde Wang
900/1101 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Measuring RNA Editing of Serotonin 2C Receptor K. Iwamoto, M. Bundo, K. Kasai, and T. Kato
912/1115 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Identification of A-to-I RNA Editing: Dotting the i’s in the Human Transcriptome A. Kiran, G. Loughran, J. J. O’Mahony, and P. V. Baranov
915/1120 [Abstract]

REVIEW: RNA Editing in Plant Organelles. Why Make It Easy? B. Castandet and A. Araya
924/1132 [Abstract]

REVIEW: A-to-I and C-to-U Editing within Transfer RNAs A. A. H. Su and L. Randau
932/1142 [Abstract]

Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinases Mediate the Production of B-Cell Lymphoma 2 Protein by Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Monocytes P. L. Natarajan and Sujatha Narayanan
938/1149 [Abstract]

Functional Dissection of an Enhancer-Like Element Located within the Second Intron of the Human U2AF1L4 Gene D. A. Didych, N. A. Smirnov, E. S. Kotova, S. B. Akopov, L. G. Nikolaev, and E. D. Sverdlov
951/1164 [Abstract]

Galectins Promote the Interaction of Influenza Virus with Its Target Cell E. S. Chernyy, E. M. Rapoport, S. André, H. Kaltner, H.-J. Gabius, and N. V. Bovin
958/1173 [Abstract]

Synergetic Inhibition of the Brain Mitochondrial NADH:Ubiquinone Oxidoreductase (Complex I) by Fatty Acids and Ca2+ D. S. Kalashnikov, V. G. Grivennikova, and A. D. Vinogradov
968/1185 [Abstract]

A Minor Isoform of the Human RNA Polymerase II Subunit hRPB11 (POLR2J) Interacts with Several Components of the Translation Initiation Factor eIF3 S. A. Proshkin, E. K. Shematorova, E. A. Souslova, G. M. Proshkina, and G. V. Shpakovski
976/1195 [Abstract]