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Biochemistry (Moscow), Volume 77 (2012), Issue 2

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REVIEW: Structural and Functional Characteristics and Properties of Metzincins

N. P. Balaban, N. L. Rudakova, and M. R. Sharipova
119/149 [Abstract]

REVIEW: NMDA Receptors in Immune Competent Cells A. A. Boldyrev, E. A. Bryushkova, and E. A. Vladychenskaya
128/160 [Abstract]

Biochemical Characterization of Iron–Sulfur Cluster Assembly in the Scaffold IscU of Escherichia coli Genfu Wu and Lingfei Li
135/169 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

Formation Kinetics and H2O2 Distribution in Chloroplasts and Protoplasts of Photosynthetic Leaf Cells of Higher Plants under Illumination I. A. Naydov, M. M. Mubarakshina, and B. N. Ivanov
143/179 [Abstract]

Rapid Degradation of the Tetrameric Mn Cluster in Illuminated, PsbO-Depleted Photosystem II Preparations B. K. Semin, L. N. Davletshina, I. I. Ivanov, M. Seibert, and A. B. Rubin
152/190 [Abstract]

FTIR Spectroscopy of the Reaction Center of Chloroflexus aurantiacus: Photooxidation of the Primary Electron Donor A. A. Zabelin, V. A. Shkuropatova, V. A. Shuvalov, and A. Ya. Shkuropatov
157/196 [Abstract]

Fast Kinetics of Nucleotide Binding to Clostridium perfringens Family II Pyrophosphatase Containing CBS and DRTGG Domains J. Jämsen, A. A. Baykov, and R. Lahti
165/205 [Abstract]

Bicarbonate Stabilizes Isolated D1/D2/Cytochrome b559 Complex of Photosystem 2 against Thermoinactivation O. V. Pobeguts, T. N. Smolova, and V. V. Klimov
171/212 [Abstract]

Ceramides Inhibit Phospholipase D-Dependent Insulin Signaling in Liver Cells of Old Rats N. A. Babenko and V. S. Kharchenko
180/223 [Abstract]

Changes in Fatty Acid Composition of Thymus Cells, Liver, Blood Plasma, and Muscle Tissue in Mice with Solid Ehrlich Carcinoma T. P. Kulagina, A. V. Aripovsky, and A. B. Gapeyev
187/231 [Abstract]

Identification of a Specific Inhibitor of nOGA – a Caspase-3 Cleaved O-GlcNAcase Variant during Apoptosis Jing Li, Zhonghua Li, Tiehai Li, Lin Lin, Yan Zhang, Lina Guo, Yan Xu, Wei Zhao, and Peng Wang
194/240 [Abstract]

Ah-Receptor-Independent Stimulation of Hepatoma 27 Culture Cell Proliferation by Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons M. S. Volkov, N. A. Bolotina, V. A. Evteev, and V. A. Koblyakov
201/248 [Abstract]

Role of NO-Synthase in Regulation of Protein Metabolism of Stretched Rat m. soleus Muscle during Functional Unloading Yu. N. Lomonosova, G. R. Kalamkarov, A. E. Bugrova, T. F. Shevchenko, N. L. Kartashkina, E. A. Lysenko, B. S. Shenkman, and T. L. Nemirovskaya
208/256 [Abstract]

Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for 2011 S. A. Nedospasov
[Full Article]

Introduction to Glycobiology (M. Taylor and K. Drickamer, 3rd Edn., Oxford University Press, Oxford-New York, 2011, 283 p.) G. Wiederschain
[Full Article]