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Do YB2/0 Cells Produce Alien Sugars?

D. Quagliaroli

Development Program Department, LFB Biotechnologies, 3, avenue des Tropiques, BP 50052, 91 942 Courtaboeuf Cedex, France; E-mail: quagliaroli@lfb.fr

Received July 17, 2013; Revision received August 29, 2013
Olovnikova et al. (“Impact on N-glycosylation profile of monoclonal anti-D antibodies as a way to control their immunoregulatory and cytotoxic properties” (2012) Biochemistry (Moscow), 77, 925-933) mentioned the presence of “alien sugars” on monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) produced by YB2/0 cell line. We summarize in this paper our previous findings on the glycosylation profile of two anti-D mAbs produced in this cell line (LFB-R297 and LFB-R593, so-called Roledumab). Our results show the absence of any immunogenic glycotopes, and furthermore neither immunogenicity nor other serious adverse reactions were observed during clinical trials.
KEY WORDS: YB2/0, monoclonal antibodies, anti-D, glycosylation, immunogenicity

DOI: 10.1134/S0006297913120080