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REVIEW: Adenylyl Cyclase-Associated Protein 1: Structure, Regulation, and Participation in Cellular Processes

G. V. Kakurina*, E. S. Kolegova, and I. V. Kondakova

Cancer Research Institute, Tomsk National Research Medical Center, Russian Academy of Sciences, 634050 Tomsk, Russia; E-mail: kakurinagv@oncology.tomsk.ru

* To whom correspondence should be addressed.

Received August 4, 2017; Revision received October 6, 2017
This review summarizes information available to date about the structural organization, regulation of functional activity of adenylyl cyclase-associated protein 1 (CAP1), and its participation in cellular processes. Numerous data are generalized on the role of CAP1 in the regulation of actin cytoskeleton and its interactions with many actin-binding proteins. Attention is drawn to the similarity of the structure of CAP1 and its contribution to the remodeling of actin filaments in prokaryotes and eukaryotes, as well as to the difference in the interaction of CAP1 with adenylyl cyclase in these cells. In addition, we discuss the participation of CAP1 in various pathological processes.
KEY WORDS: adenylyl cyclase-associated protein 1, actin-binding proteins, cell migration, prokaryotes, eukaryotes, pathological processes

DOI: 10.1134/S0006297918010066