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REVIEW: Monoamine Oxidase as a Potential Biomarker of the Efficacy of Treatment of Mental Disorders

Marat G. Uzbekova

Moscow Research Institute of Psychiatry, Branch of Serbsky National Medical Research Center for Psychiatry and Narcology, 107076 Moscow, Russia

Received March 5, 2021; Revised May 5, 2021; Accepted May 7, 2021
The review summarizes the results of our own studies and published data on the biological markers of psychiatric disorders, with special emphasis on the activity of platelet monoamine oxidase. Pharmacotherapy studies in patients with the mixed anxiety-depressive disorder and first episode of schizophrenia have shown that the activity of platelet monoamine oxidase could serve as a potential biomarker of the efficacy of therapeutic interventions in these diseases.
KEY WORDS: platelet monoamine oxidase, biomarker, systemic approach, mixed anxiety-depressive disorder, first-episode psychosis, pharmacotherapy

DOI: 10.1134/S0006297921060146