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Biochemistry (Moscow), Volume 63 (1998), Number 6

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REVIEW: Liposomes in Gene Therapy. Structural Polymorphism of Lipids and Effectiveness of Gene Delivery

Y. S. Tarahovsky and G. R. Ivanitsky
607/723 [Abstract]

REVIEW: New Methods of Protein Purification. Expanded Bed Chromatography I. Yu. Galaev
619/737 [Abstract]

Photophosphorylation in Alkalophilic Halobacterial Cells Containing Halorhodopsin: Chloride-Ion Cycle? A. V. Avetisyan, A. D. Kaulen, V. P. Skulachev, and B. A. Feniouk
625/744 [Abstract] [Full Article]

Evidence for Indole-3-Acetic Acid Binding Site in Plant Peroxidases. Structural Similarity between Peroxidases and Auxin-Binding Proteins P. A. Savitsky, A. M. Rojkova, V. I. Tishkov, I. V. Ouporov, G. N. Rudenskaya, and I. G. Gazaryan
629/749 [Abstract] [Full Article]

Mathematical Modelling of Superoxide Generation with the bc1 Complex of Mitochondria O. V. Demin, H. V. Westerhoff, and B. N. Kholodenko
634/755 [Abstract]

Adenylosuccinate Synthetase of the Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae: Purification and Properties T. A. Ryzhova, Yu. V. Andreichuk, and V. D. Domkin
650/773 [Abstract]

Effect of Antioxidants (Digoxin, Quercetin, and Ascorbic Acid) on Catalytic Properties of Horseradish Peroxidase V. V. Rogozhin and V. V. Verkhoturov
657/781 [Abstract]

Depolarization of Isolated Brain Nerve Endings by Nitric Oxide Donors: Membrane Mechanisms A. A. Mongin, P. I. Nedvetsky, and S. V. Fedorovich
662/787 [Abstract]

Three-Dimensional Structures of Mutant Forms of E. coli Inorganic Pyrophosphatase with Asp-->Asn Single Substitution in Positions 42, 65, 70, and 97 S. M. Avaeva, E. V. Rodina, N. N. Vorobyeva, S. A. Kurilova, T. I. Nazarova, V. A. Sklyankina, V. Yu. Oganessyan, V. R. Samygina, and E. H. Harutyunyan
671/797 [Abstract]

Effects of Eosin Y on the Catalytic and Functional Activities of Mg2+,ATP-Dependent Calcium Pump of Smooth Muscle Cell Plasma Membrane N. N. Slinchenko, N. F. Bratkova, S. A. Kosterin, V. P. Zimina, and I. G. Chernysh
685/812 [Abstract]

Immobilization of Recombinant Firefly Luciferase. Physicochemical Properties and Application I. A. Lundovskikh, E. I. Dementieva, and N. N. Ugarova
691/820 [Abstract]

Purification and Some Catalytic Properties of Phosphoglucomutase from Maize Leaves T. N. Popova, L. V. Matasova, and A. A. Lapot’ko
697/827 [Abstract]

Properties of Recombinant Bacteriophage T4 Tail Sheath Protein and Its Deletion Fragments T. A. Kuznetsova, A. V. Efimov, L. G. Aijrich, I. Yu. Kireeva, E. I. Marusich, P. Cappuccinelli, P. Fiori, P. Rappelli, L. P. Kurochkina, B. F. Poglazov, and V. V. Mesyanzhinov
702/833 [Abstract]

Interaction of Wheat Germ Agglutinin and Concanavalin A with Platelets. Stimulation of Platelet Functional Reactions and Binding with Membrane Glycoproteins I. V. Smirnova, S. G. Khaspekova, V. V. Ignatov, and A. V. Mazurov
710/842 [Abstract]

Phosphorylation of Lipids Tightly Bound to Secretory Immunoglobulin A in Antibody Fractions from Human Breast Milk Possessing Protein Kinase Activity Y. Y. Kit, M. V. Shipitsin, D. V. Semenov, V. A. Richter, and G. A. Nevinsky
719/852 [Abstract]

Synthesis of Protoporphyrin IX Induced by 5-Aminolevulinic Acid in Yeast Cells in the Presence of 2,2´-Dipyridyl M. G. Strakhovskaya, A. O. Shumarina, G. Ya. Fraikin, and A. B. Rubin
725/859 [Abstract]