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Biochemistry (Moscow), Volume 64 (1999), Number 1

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REVIEW: Growth Hormone and a Partial Mediator of Its Biological Action, Insulin-Like Growth Factor I

Yu. A. Pankov
1/5 [Abstract]

MINI-REVIEW: Termination of Translation in Eukaryotes: New Results and New Hypotheses L. L. Kisselev and L. Yu. Frolova
8/14 [Abstract]

Affinity Purification of Alu-DNA-Repeat-Binding Proteins from Human Somatic Cells D. V. Luk'yanov, G. F. Reshetnikova, and O. I. Podgornaya
17/25 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

Lucigenin as a Substrate of Microsomal NAD(P)H-Oxidoreductases I. A. Schepetkin
25/34 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

Nondenaturing Electrophoresis. Fractionating of Photosynthetic Pigment--Protein Complexes and Blood Plasma Proteins V. M. Golitsyn
33/44 [Abstract]

Secretory Immunoglobulins A from Human Milk Possess Affinity to Oligonucleotides and Nucleic Acids Yu. Ya. Kit, D. V. Semenov, T. G. Kanyshkova, E. V. Kuligina, I. V. Romannikova, O. V. Morozova, and V. A. Richter
40/52 [Abstract]

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhibits the Growth of Cyanobacteria V. D. Samuilov, D. V. Bezryadnov, M. V. Gusev, A. V. Kitashov, and T. A. Fedorenko
47/60 [Abstract]

Influence of Hydration Degree of Aerosol OT Reversed Micelles in Heptane on Inhibitory Effect of Gallic Acid Polydisulfide in Peroxidase-Dependent Oxidation of 3,3´,5,5´-Tetramethylbenzidine E. I. Karasyova and D. I. Metelitza
54/68 [Abstract]

Effects of Sulfur Dioxide on Lichen Lipids and Fatty Acids I. A. Bychek-Guschina, E. R. Kotlova, and H. Heipieper
61/76 [Abstract]

Kinetic Properties of the Activator Complexes Plasmin--Staphylokinase and Plasmin(ogen)--Streptokinase in vitro I. Yu. Sazonova, R. B. Aisina, L. I. Muhametova, and S. D. Varfolomeyev
66/83 [Abstract]

Lipid Peroxidation in Experimental Ischemia of the Brain T. N. Fedorova, A. A. Boldyrev, and I. V. Gannushkina
75/94 [Abstract]

Purification and Some Properties of Thymidilate Kinase from Sea Urchin L. L. Terentyev, N. A. Terentyeva, and V. A. Rasskazov
80/99 [Abstract]

Reduction of Nitrite by Glycosylated Amino Acids and Glycosylated Albumin I. I. Stepuro, N. A. Chaikovskaya, V. V. Vinogradov, and V. P. Vodoevich
86/106 [Abstract]

Role of Soluble Guanylate Cyclase in Reactivation of Choline Esterase Inhibited by Phosphoorganic Compounds N. V. Pyatakova, N. B. Grigoryev, and I. S. Severina
91/111 [Abstract]

Molecular Studies of Diabetes Reported at the Fourth European Endocrinology Congress Yu. A. Pankov
95/117 [Abstract]

1998 Nobel Prize Winners for Physiology or Medicine A. F. Vanin
98/121 [Full Article]

Notable and Anniversary Dates in Biochemistry for 1999 N. P. Voskresenskaya and E. N. Bylinskii, Compilers
101/124 [Full Article]

Pharmacology of Endogenous Neurotoxins (ed. A. Moser, Birkhauser, 1998) I. P. Ashmarin
106/133 [Full Article]