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Biochemistry (Moscow), Volume 64 (1999), Number 9

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REVIEW: Troponin: Structure, Properties, and Mechanism of Functioning

V. L. Filatov, A. G. Katrukha, T. V. Bulargina, and N. B. Gusev
969/1155 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

Trypsin-Like Proteinase and Its Endogenous Inhibitor from Yersinia pseudotuberculosis. Biological Activity T. I. Burtseva and Yu. N. Loenko
986/1175 [Abstract]

Hydrolysis of Tripolyphosphate by Purified Exopolyphosphatase from Saccharomyces cerevisiae Cytosol: Kinetic Model T. V. Kulakovskaya, N. A. Andreeva, A. V. Karpov, I. A. Sidorov, and I. S. Kulaev
990/1180 [Abstract]

Subcellular Localization and Properties of Glyoxylate Cycle Enzymes in the Liver of Rats with Alloxan Diabetes S. V. Volvenkin, V. N. Popov, and A. T. Eprintsev
994/1185 [Abstract]

Study of the Structure of the Thylakoid Membrane-Bound Chloroplast Coupling Factor CF1 A. N. Malyan, O. I. Vitseva, and H. Strotmann
1000/1192 [Abstract]

Conformational Analysis of the Biologically Active Cyclic Analog of beta-Casomorphin H-Tyr-cyclo[D-OrnPheProGly] P. V. Kostetsky and S. F. Arkhipova
1005/1197 [Abstract]

Enhancement of the Affinity of Cellobiohydrolase I and Its Catalytic Domain to Cellulose in the Presence of the Reaction Product--Cellobiose M. L. Herner, M. S. Melnick, and M. L. Rabinovich
1012/1204 [Abstract]

Interaction of Mutant Alkaline Phosphatase Precursors with Membrane Phospholipids in vivo and in vitro A. E. Kalinin, N. I. Mikhaleva, A. L. Karamyshev, Z. N. Karamysheva, and M. A. Nesmeyanova
1021/1214 [Abstract]

A New Subtilisin-Like Proteinase from Roots of the Dandelion Taraxacum officinale Webb S. L. A. M. Bogacheva, G. N. Rudenskaya, A. Preusser, I. O. Tchikileva, Ya. E. Dunaevsky, B. N. Golovkin, and V. M. Stepanov
1030/1224 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

Probability Description of Ligand--Receptor Interactions. Evaluation of Reliability of Events with Small and Supersmall Doses. I. Kinetics of Ligand--Receptor Interactions K. G. Gurevich and S. D. Varfolomeev
1038/1233 [Abstract]

Effect of Hydration Degree of Aerosol OT Reversed Micelles and Surfactant Concentration in Heptane on Spectral and Catalytic Properties of Catalase A. N. Eryomin and D. I. Metelitza
1049/1245 [Abstract]

Adaptation to Salt Stress in a Salt-Tolerant Strain of the Yeast Yarrowia lipolytica E. N. Andreishcheva, E. P. Isakova, N. N. Sidorov, N. B. Abramova, N. A. Ushakova, G. L. Shaposhnikov, M. I. M. Soares, and R. A. Zvyagilskaya
1061/1259 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

Cellulase Complex from Chaetomium cellulolyticum: Isolation and Properties of Major Components N. V. Ankudimova, V. A. Baraznenok, E. G. Becker, and O. N. Okunev
1068/1267 [Abstract]

Reactive Sites of the 21-kD Protein Inhibitor of Serine Proteinases from Potato Tubers T. A. Valueva, T. A. Revina, and V. V. Mosolov
1074/1274 [Abstract]

Comparative Structural--Functional Characterization of Recombinant and Natural Adrenodoxin. Interaction with Cytochrome P450scc G. I. Lepesheva, T. N. Azeva, N. V. Strushkevich, T. B. Adamovich, T. S. Cherkesova, and S. A. Usanov
1079/1280 [Abstract]

Environmental Stress, Adaptation, and Evolution Bijlsma, B., and Loeschcke, V. (eds.)
1089/1291 [Full Article]

Inducible Enzymes in the Inflammatory Response Willoughby, D. A., and Tomlinson, A. (eds.)
1090/1292 [Full Article]