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Biochemistry (Moscow), Volume 69 (2004), Number 5

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REVIEW: Photosynthetic Units of Phototrophic Organisms

V. A. Boichenko
471/581 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Analysis of the Cell Cycle and a Method Employing Synchronized Cells for Study of Protein Expression at Various Stages of the Cell Cycle R. E. Uzbekov
485/597 [Abstract]

Change in Contents of Biologically Active Sphingolipids Modulating Cell Growth and Survival in Hepatoma 27 Compared to Rat Liver A. G. Kandyba, V. A. Kobliakov, O. G. Somova, and E. V. Dyatlovitskaya
497/612 [Abstract]

Structural Investigations and Identification of the Extracellular Bacteriolytic Endopeptidase L1 from Lysobacter sp. XL1 T. A. Muranova, L. A. Krasovskaya, I. M. Tsfasman, O. A. Stepnaya, and I. S. Kulaev
501/617 [Abstract]

Physicochemical Properties and Amino Acid Sequence of Sheep Brain Galectin-1 M. Shahwan, M. T. Al-Qirim, S. M. K. R. Zaidi, and Naheed Banu
506/623 [Abstract]

Expression of Neutral Glycosphingolipids in Cytokine-Stimulated Human Endothelial Cells T. Zemunik, A. Markotić, and A. Marusić
513/631 [Abstract]

Protection of Rat Myocardium by Coenzyme Q during Oxidative Stress Induced by Hydrogen Peroxide V. L. Lakomkin, G. G. Konovalova, E. I. Kalenikova, I. V. Zabbarova, A. K. Tikhaze, V. G. Tsyplenkova, V. Z. Lankin, E. K. Ruuge, and V. I. Kapelko
520/639 [Abstract]

Significance of Codon Usage and Irregularities of Rare Codon Distribution in Genes for Expression of BspLU11III Methyltransferases N. V. Kirienko, K. A. Lepikhov, L. A. Zheleznaya, and N. I. Matvienko
527/647 [Abstract]

Comparative Analysis of Different Typing Methods for Helicobacter pylori Clinical Isolates V. M. Govorun, P. G. Lokhov, S. A. Moshkovskii, K. T. Momynaliev, O. V. Selesnyova, L. V. Kudryavtseva, M. V. Serebryakova, O. V. Tikhonova, E. I. Goufman, and A. I. Archakov
536/658 [Abstract]

Cellulase Complex of the Fungus Chrysosporium lucknowense: Isolation and Characterization of Endoglucanases and Cellobiohydrolases F. E. Bukhtojarov, B. B. Ustinov, T. N. Salanovich, A. I. Antonov, A. V. Gusakov, O. N. Okunev, and A. P. Sinitsyn
542/666 [Abstract]

Inter-subunit Cross-linking Suppressed the Dynamic Oligomeric Dissociation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Hsp16.3 and Reduced Its Chaperone Activity Xinmiao Fu, Wangwang Jiao, Abuduaini Abulimiti, and Zengyi Chang
552/678 [Abstract]

Poly(ADP-ribose) Polymerase-1 Inhibits Strand-Displacement Synthesis of DNA Catalyzed by DNA Polymerase beta M. V. Sukhanova, S. N. Khodyreva, and O. I. Lavrik
558/686 [Abstract]

Interaction of Oxoferrylmyoglobin and Dinitrosyl-Iron Complexes K. B. Shumaev, N. E. Petrova, I. V. Zabbarova, A. F. Vanin, A. F. Topunov, V. Z. Lankin, and E. K. Ruuge
569/699 [Abstract]

Initial Stages of Low-Temperature Induction of Cabbage Cold Shock Protein Gene csp5 F. R. Gimalov, A. Kh. Baymiev, R. T. Matniyazov, A. V. Chemeris, and V. A. Vakhitov
575/706 [Abstract]

NADH Oxidation by Mitochondria from the Thermogenic Plant Arum orientale Yu. V. Bertsova, V. N. Popov, and A. V. Bogachev
580/712 [Abstract]

Protein Structure. Determination, Analysis, and Applications for Drug Discovery (Chasman, D. I., ed., Marcel Dekker, New York-Basel, 2003, 606 p.) G. Ya. Wiederschain
585/719 [Full Article]

Protein Misfolding and Disease. Principles and Protocol (Bross, P., and Gregersen, N., eds., in the series Methods in Molecular Biology, Vol. 232, Walker, J. M., series ed., Humana Press, Totowa, New Jersey, 2003, 318 p.) G. Ya. Wiederschain
586/720 [Full Article]