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Biochemistry (Moscow), Volume 69 (2004), Number 9

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Folding and Stability of Chimeric Immunofusion VL-Barstar

Y. I. Tsybovsky, D. V. Shubenok, O. A. Stremovskiy, S. M. Deyev, and S. P. Martsev
939/1157 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

REVIEW: Catalase and Superoxide Dismutase: Distribution, Properties, and Physiological Role in Cells of Strict Anaerobes A. L. Brioukhanov and A. I. Netrusov
949/1170 [Abstract]

MINI-REVIEW: Optical Characteristics of Thiamine in Model Systems and in Holoenzyme I. A. Sevostyanova and G. A. Kochetov
963/1187 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Protein Folding, Misfolding, and Aggregation. Formation of Inclusion Bodies and Aggresomes K. A. Markossian and B. I. Kurganov
971/1196 [Abstract]

Oxidation of Phenolic Compounds by Peroxidase in the Presence of Soluble Polymers I. Bratkovskaja, R. Vidziunaite, and J. Kulys
985/1213 [Abstract]

Biochemical Characterization and Distribution of Glutathione S-Transferases in Leaping Mullet (Liza saliens) A. Sen and A. Kirikbakan
993/1223 [Abstract]

Neuroprotection by alpha-Lipoic Acid in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetes G. Baydas, E. Donder, M. Kiliboz, E. Sonkaya, M. Tuzcu, A. Yasar, and V. S. Nedzvetskii
1001/1233 [Abstract]

Lactoferrin Is the Major Deoxyribonuclease of Human Milk S. E. Babina, T. G. Kanyshkova, V. N. Buneva, and G. A. Nevinsky
1006/1239 [Abstract]

Effects of Diffusion and Topological Factors on the Efficiency of Energy Coupling in Chloroplasts with Heterogeneous Partitioning of Protein Complexes in Thylakoids of Grana and Stroma. A Mathematical Model A. V. Vershubskii, V. I. Priklonskii, and A. N. Tikhonov
1016/1251 [Abstract]

Calcium-Dependent Nonspecific Permeability of the Inner Mitochondrial Membrane Is Not Induced in Mitochondria of the Yeast Endomyces magnusii Y. I. Deryabina, E. P. Isakova, E. I. Shurubor, and R. A. Zvyagilskaya
1025/1261 [Abstract]

New Structures of the O-Specific Polysaccharides of Proteus. 4. Polysaccharides Containing Unusual Acidic N-Acyl Derivatives of 4-Amino-4,6-dideoxy-D-glucose A. N. Kondakova, B. Linder, R. Fudala, S. N. Senchenkova, H. Moll, A. S. Shashkov, W. Kaca, U. Zähringer, and Y. A. Knirel
1034/1271 [Abstract]

Positioning of a Nucleosome on Mouse Satellite DNA Inserted into a Yeast Plasmid Is Determined by Its DNA Sequence and an Adjacent Nucleosome G. I. Kiryanov, L. N. Kintsurashvili, L. V. Isaeva, and M. G. Zakharova
1044/1283 [Abstract]

Analytical Biotechnology (Thomas, G. M., and Schalkhammer, T., eds., Birkhauser, Basel-Boston-Berlin, 2002, 344 p.) A. A. Rosenkranz
1051/1292 [Full Article]

Membrane Protein Protocols. Expression, Purification, and Characterization (Selinsky, B. S., ed., in Series “Methods in Molecular Biology”, Series Editor J. Walker, Vol. 228, Humana Press, 2003, 334 p.) G. Ya. Wiederschain
1052/1293 [Full Article]