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REVIEW: Molecular Mechanisms of Hormonal Activity. II. Kinase Systems. Systems with Intracellular Receptors. Transactivation of STS*

V. I. Kulinsky1** and L. S. Kolesnichenko2

1Department of Biochemistry and 2Department of Bioinorganic and Bioorganic Chemistry, Irkutsk State Medical University, ul. Krasnogo Vosstaniya 1, 664003 Irkutsk, Russia; fax: (3952) 24-4261; E-mail: kulinsky@pp.irkutsk.ru

* Part I of this review, “Molecular Mechanisms of Hormonal Activity. I. Receptors. Neuromediators. Systems with Second Messengers”, was published in Biochemistry (Moscow), Vol.70, No.1.

** To whom correspondence should be addressed.

Received February 16, 2004; Revision received April 12, 2004
Hormone receptors and other components, functional mechanisms, and biological role of analyzed signal transduction systems (STS) are described. The recently revealed module principle of the structure and STS transactivation providing diversity and plasticity of regulation are highlighted. STS activities are significantly changed in many diseases. Novel promising pharmaceuticals targeted to certain components of STS increase in number from year to year. The data published by the beginning of January 2004 are summarized in this review.
KEY WORDS: signal transduction systems, receptors, tyrosine kinases, protein kinases, transactivation