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Biochemistry (Moscow), Volume 70 (2005), Issue 4

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Comparative Analysis of Transcription Profiles of Helicobacter pylori Clinical Isolates

K. T. Momynaliev, S. I. Rogov, O. V. Selezneva, V. V. Chelysheva, T. A. Akopian, and V. M. Govorun
383/467 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

REVIEW: Molecular Mechanisms of Hormonal Activity. II. Kinase Systems. Systems with Intracellular Receptors. Transactivation of STS V. I. Kulinsky and L. S. Kolesnichenko
391/476 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Molecular Mechanisms of Epigenetics N. A. Tchurikov
406/493 [Abstract]

Possible Reasons for Difference in Sensitivity to Oxygen of Two Escherichia coli Strains H. Semchyshyn, V. Lushchak, and K. Storey
424/514 [Abstract]

Monomeric and Multimeric Blockers of Selectins: Comparison of in vitro and in vivo Activity N. A. Ushakova, M. E. Preobrazhenskaya, M. I. Bird, R. Priest, A. V. Semenov, A. V. Mazurov, N. E. Nifantiev, T. V. Pochechueva, O. E. Galanina, and N. V. Bovin
432/523 [Abstract]

Oscillatory Activity of P-Type Membrane Adenosine Triphosphatases: a Kinetic Model B. N. Goldstein, A. A. Mayevsky, and D. T. Zakrjevskaya
440/533 [Abstract]

Influence of Ca2+ Oscillatory Influx on Membrane Ca2+-ATPase Activity: a Kinetic Model B. N. Goldstein, A. A. Mayevsky, and D. T. Zakrjevskaya
445/539 [Abstract]

Study of Applicability of the Bifunctional System “Ethidium Bromide + Hoechst-33258” for DNA Analysis V. S. Sibirtsev
449/545 [Abstract]

Human Immunoglobulin Light Chains lambda Form Amyloid Fibrils and Granular Aggregates in Solution O. P. Bliznyukov, L. D. Kozmin, L. L. Vysotskaya, A. K. Golenkov, V. M. Tishchenko, M. P. Samoylovich, and V. B. Klimovich
458/556 [Abstract]

Oxidase Reaction of the Hybrid Mn-Peroxidase of the Fungus Panus tigrinus 8/18 A. V. Lisov, A. A. Leontievsky, and L. A. Golovleva
467/568 [Abstract]

Proposed Mechanism of Nitrite-Induced Methemoglobinemia V. Yu. Titov and Yu. M. Petrenko
473/575 [Abstract]

Prokaryotic Genomics (in Methods and Tools in Bioscience and Medicine, Blot, M., ed., Birkhäuser Verlag, Basel-Boston-Berlin, 2002, 208 p.) A. V. Bogachev
484/588 [Full Article]

COX-2 Inhibitors (Pairet, M., and van Ryn, J., eds., 2004, in Milestones in Drug Therapy, Parnham, M. J., and Bruinvels, J., eds., Birkhauser Verlag, Basel-Boston-Berlin) G. F. Sud'ina
485/590 [Full Article]