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Biochemistry (Moscow), Volume 71 (2006), Issue 5

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REVIEW: The Purine Metabolism of Human Erythrocytes

W. Dudzinska, A. J. Hlynczak, E. Skotnicka, and M. Suska
467/581 [Abstract]

REVIEW: The Role of Cytoskeleton in Glucose Regulation Zhuo Liu, Yong-Wei Zhang, Yong-Sheng Chang, and Fu-De Fang
476/592 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Scaffold/Matrix Attachment Regions and Intrinsic DNA Curvature A. Fiorini, F. de S. Gouveia, and M. A. Fernandez
481/598 [Abstract]

The Role of beta1 Integrin Subfamily in Anchorage-Dependent Apoptosis of Breast Carcinoma Cells Differing in Multidrug Resistance G. E. Morozevich, N. I. Kozlova, M. E. Preobrazhenskaya, N. A. Ushakova, I. A. Eltsov, A. A. Shtil, and A. E. Berman
489/607 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

Probing Sialic Acid Binding Ig-Like Lectins (Siglecs) with Sulfated Oligosaccharides E. M. Rapoport, G. V. Pazynina, M. A. Sablina, P. R. Crocker, and N. V. Bovin
496/615 [Abstract]

Intermediate Amyloid Oligomers of Lysozyme: Is Their Cytotoxicity a Particular Case or General Rule for Amyloid? M. Malisauskas, A. Darinskas, V. V. Zamotin, A. Gharibyan, I. A. Kostanyan, and L. A. Morozova-Roche
505/626 [Abstract]

Renaturation, Activation, and Practical Use of Recombinant Duplex-Specific Nuclease from Kamchatka Crab V. E. Anisimova, D. V. Rebrikov, P. A. Zhulidov, D. B. Staroverov, S. A. Lukyanov, and A. S. Shcheglov
513/636 [Abstract]

Radical Scavenging Activity of Ribonuclease Inhibitor from Cow Placenta Shuo Wang and Haiping Li
520/645 [Abstract]

Heterogeneous Origin of Carbonic Anhydrase Activity of Thylakoid Membranes L. K. Ignatova, N. N. Rudenko, M. S. Khristin, and B. N. Ivanov
525/651 [Abstract]

Ethylene Glycol and the Thermostability of Trypsin in a Reverse Micelle System E. A. Stupishina, R. N. Khamidullin, N. N. Vylegzhanina, D. A. Faizullin, and Yu. F. Zuev
533/660 [Abstract]

Branching of the Galacturonan Backbone of Comaruman, a Pectin from the Marsh Cinquefoil Comarum palustre L. R. G. Ovodova, S. V. Popov, O. A. Bushneva, V. V. Golovchenko, A. O. Chizhov, D. V. Klinov, and Yu. S. Ovodov
538/666 [Abstract]

Role of the C-Terminal Fragment of Human Transthyretin in Abnormal Fibrillogenesis K. V. Solovyov, A. A. Gasteva, V. V. Egorov, T. D. Aleinikova, A. K. Sirotkin, A. L. Shvartsman, and M. M. Shavlovsky
543/672 [Abstract]

Mediator-Assisted Laccase-Catalyzed Oxidation of 4-Hydroxybiphenyl I. Bratkovskaya, R. Ivanec, and J. Kulys
550/681 [Abstract]

Interaction of Dimethyl- and Monomethyloxyluciferin with Recombinant Wild-Type and Mutant Firefly Luciferases T. N. Vlasova, O. V. Leontieva, and N. N. Ugarova
555/687 [Abstract]

Two Methods for Determination of Transketolase Activity I. A. Sevostyanova, O. N. Solovjeva, and G. A. Kochetov
560/693 [Abstract]

Psychrophilic Trypsin-Type Protease from Serratia proteamaculans A. G. Mikhailova, V. V. Likhareva, R. F. Khairullin, N. L. Lubenets, L. D. Rumsh, I. V. Demidyuk, and S. V. Kostrov
563/697 [Abstract]

Leukocytic Myeloperoxidase-Mediated Formation of Bromohydrins and Lysophospholipids from Unsaturated Phosphatidylcholines O. M. Panasenko, H. Spalteholz, J. Schiller, and J. Arnhold
571/707 [Abstract]

Biomedical Engineering Principles (Ritter, A. B., Reisman, S., and Michniak, B. B. (eds.) CRC Press, Boca Raton-London-New York-Singapore, 2005, 665 p.) G. Ya. Wiederschain
581/719 [Full Article]

Enzymes and Their Inhibition. Drug Development (Smith, H. J., and Simons, C. (eds.) CRC Press, Boca Raton-London-New York-Singapore, 2005, 308 p.) G. Ya. Wiederschain
582/720 [Full Article]