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Biochemistry (Moscow), Volume 71 (2006), Issue 8

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REVIEW: Cellular Search Migrations in Normal Development and Carcinogenesis

J. M. Vasiliev and I. M. Gelfand
821/1013 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Revision of the Antigen Receptor of T-Lymphocytes E. M. Kuklina
827/1021 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Participation of Proteolytic Enzymes in the Interaction of Plants with Phytopathogenic Microorganisms V. V. Mosolov and T. A. Valueva
838/1034 [Abstract]

New Viral Vector for Efficient Production of Target Proteins in Plants T. V. Komarova, M. V. Skulachev, A. S. Zvereva, A. M. Schwartz, Yu. L. Dorokhov, and J. G. Atabekov
846/1043 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

REVIEW: Ubiquitin-Protein Ligase Parkin and Its Role in the Development of Parkinson's Disease O. A. Buneeva and A. E. Medvedev
851/1050 [Abstract]

Chemiluminescent in vitro Estimation of the Inhibitory Constants of Antioxidants Ascorbic and Uric Acids in Fenton's Reaction in Urine E. L. Pavlova and V. M. Savov
861/1062 [Abstract]

Arachidonic Acid Enhances Intracellular [Ca2+]i Increase and Mitochondrial Depolarization Induced by Glutamate in Cerebellar Granule Cells A. M. Surin, A. P. Bolshakov, M. M. Mikhailova, E. G. Sorokina, Ya. E. Senilova, V. G. Pinelis, and B. I. Khodorov
864/1066 [Abstract]

Plasmid DNA Acquires Immunogenicity on Exposure to Singlet Oxygen Fozia Khan, Farina Khan, Asim A. Siddiqui, and Rashid Ali
871/1074 [Abstract]

alpha-Defensins from Blood Leukocytes of the Monkey Papio hamadryas E. V. Tsvetkova, G. M. Aleshina, O. V. Shamova, L. E. Leonova, R. I. Lehrer, and V. N. Kokryakov
879/1083 [Abstract]

Expression of Cytochrome P450scc in Escherichia coli Cells: Intracellular Location and Interaction with Bacterial Redox Proteins V. M. Shkumatov, V. G. Radyuk, Y. V. Falertov, A. A. Vinogradova, V. N. Luzikov, and L. A. Novikova
884/1091 [Abstract]

Features of Ionogenic Group Composition in Polymeric Matrix of Lily Pollen Wall N. R. Meychik, N. P. Matveyeva, Yu. I. Nikolaeva, A. V. Chaikova, and I. P. Yermakov
893/1103 [Abstract]

Modulation of Human Erythrocyte Ca2+-ATPase Activity by Glycerol: The Role of Calmodulin N. G. Zemlyanskikh and O. A. Kofanova
900/1112 [Abstract]

Determination of Structurally Conservative Amino Acids of the HIV-1 Protein gp120 V3 Loop as Promising Targets for Drug Design by Protein Engineering Approaches A. M. Andrianov and V. G. Veresov
906/1119 [Abstract]

RNA-Protein Interactions at the Initial and Terminal Stages of Protein Biosynthesis as Investigated by Lev Kisselev (On the Occasion of His 70th Anniversary) A. A. Bogdanov and V. L. Karpov
915/1129 [Abstract]

Letter to the Editorial Board of Biochemistry (Moscow) L. M. Berstein
925/1140 [Full Article]

Response to the Letter of Prof. L. M. Berstein A. V. Lichtenstein
927/1142 [Full Article]

If Cancer Is a Special Case of Phenoptosis, How Can We Conquer It? V. P. Skulachev
930/1146 [Full Article]

A Chapter from the Book of V. N. Manskikh “Essays of Evolutionary Oncology” V. N. Manskikh
933/1148 [Full Article]