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Separation and Characterization of Deoxyribonucleases from Hepatopancreas of Freshwater Snail in Normality and under in vivo Model Intoxication

A. P. Popov*, I. L. Tsvetkov, and A. S. Konichev

Moscow State Regional University, ul. Radio 10a, 107005 Moscow 107005, Russia; fax: (495) 261-2228; E-mail: alexpopoff@rambler.ru

* To whom correspondence should be addressed.

Received October 31, 2007; Revision received November 22, 2007
Deoxyribonucleases (DNases) differing in the subcellular localization and specificity towards native and denatured substrates and in products of cleavage of endogenous DNA were isolated for the first time from the hepatopancreas of freshwater snail by differential sedimentation and preparative isoelectrofocusing. It was defined found that treatment with phenol leads to activatesion of the most of the investigated DNases, especially in lysosomes, and induces two new DNases of lysosomal origin. The possible different participation of certain DNases of the snail hepatopancreas in the regulation of DNA degradation under intoxication is discussed.
KEY WORDS: deoxyribonucleases, physico-chemical properties, specificity, mollusks, lysosomes, intoxication, induction of activity.

DOI: 10.1134/S0006297908080129