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Biochemistry (Moscow), Volume 73 (2008), Issue 8

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REVIEW: Structure and Function of MYST1 Histone Acetyltransferase in the Interactome of Animal Cells

R. I. Dmitriev, M. I. Shakhparonov, and N. B. Pestov
839/1045 [Abstract]

REVIEW: G-Quadruplex Structure: a Target for Anticancer Therapy and a Probe for Detection of Potassium Bo Chen, Jiangli Liang, Xiaoping Tian, and Xiaochuan Liu
853/1061 [Abstract]

Random Mutagenesis of Luciola mingrelica Firefly Luciferase. Mutant Enzymes with Bioluminescence Spectra Showing Low pH Sensitivity M. I. Koksharov and N. N. Ugarova
862/1071 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

Electrostatic Attraction between Cytochrome bc1 and Cytochrome c Affects Kinetics of Cytochrome c Reduction V. Dadák and M. Holík
870/1081 [Abstract]

The Mammalian Gene ZNF268 Is Regulated by hUpf1 Chengang Zhu, Zhouzhou Zhao, Mingxiong Guo, Huanjie Shao, Hongling Qiu, Di Wang, Junhua Xu, Lu Xue, and Wenxin Li
881/1095 [Abstract]

Interaction of Nucleotide Excision Repair Factors XPC-HR23B, XPA, and RPA with Damaged DNA Yu. S. Krasikova, N. I. Rechkunova, E. A. Maltseva, I. O. Petruseva, V. N. Silnikov, T. S. Zatsepin, T. S. Oretskaya, O. D. Schärer, and O. I. Lavrik
886/1101 [Abstract]

Metal Cofactors Play a Dual Role in Mycobacterium tuberculosis Inorganic Pyrophosphatase E. V. Rodina, L. P. Vainonen, N. N. Vorobyeva, S. A. Kurilova, T. S. Sitnik, and T. I. Nazarova
897/1114 [Abstract]

Comparative Analysis of Anti-restriction Activities of ArdA (ColIb-P9) and Ocr (T7) Proteins G. B. Zavilgelsky, V. Yu. Kotova, and S. M. Rastorguev
906/1124 [Abstract]

A Pseudo-beta-glucosidase in Arabidopsis thaliana: Correction by Site-Directed Mutagenesis, Heterologous Expression, Purification, and Characterization Y. Turan
912/1131 [Abstract]

Comparative Contents of mRNAs of Sex Steroid Receptors and Enzymes of Their Metabolism in Arterial Walls of Men T. A. Shchelkunova, I. A. Morozov, P. M. Rubtsov, L. M. Samokhodskaya, R. A. Kireev, I. V. Andrianova, A. N. Orekhov, and A. N. Smirnov
920/1141 [Abstract]

DNA Binding Studies of PdCl2(LL) (LL = Chelating Diamine Ligand: N,N-Dimethyltrimethylenediamine) Complex S. Kashanian, N. Shahabadi, H. Roshanfekr, K. Shalmashi, and K. Omidfar
929/1151 [Abstract]

Separation and Characterization of Deoxyribonucleases from Hepatopancreas of Freshwater Snail in Normality and under in vivo Model Intoxication A. P. Popov, I. L. Tsvetkov, and A. S. Konichev
937/1161 [Abstract]

Complex of Dipeptidyl Peptidase II with Adenosine Deaminase S. G. Sharoyan, A. A. Antonyan, S. S. Mardanyan, G. Lupidi, M. Cuccioloni, M. Angeletti, and G. Cristalli
943/1168 [Abstract]

Detection and Characterization of IgG- and sIgA-Abzymes Capable of Hydrolyzing Histone H1 Yu. Ya. Kit, M. A. Starykovych, V. A. Richter, and R. S. Stoika
950/1177 [Abstract]