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Biochemistry (Moscow), Volume 76 (2011), Issue 12

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REVIEW: Mechanisms of Autophagy and Pexophagy in Yeasts

A. A. Sibirny
1279/1589 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Lipids in Mammalian Hibernation and Artificial Hypobiosis I. K. Kolomiytseva
1291/1604 [Abstract]

Diversity of Integrase-Hydrolyzing IgGs and IgMs from Sera of HIV-Infected Patients S. V. Baranova, V. N. Buneva, M. A. Kharitonova, L. P. Sizyakina, O. D. Zakharova, and G. A. Nevinsky
1300/1615 [Abstract]

Changes in Isoform Composition, Structure, and Functional Properties of Titin from Mongolian Gerbil (Meriones unguiculatus) Cardiac Muscle after Space Flight I. M. Vikhlyantsev, A. D. Okuneva, M. D. Shpagina, Yu. V. Shumilina, N. V. Molochkov, N. N. Salmov, and Z. A. Podlubnaya
1312/1629 [Abstract]

Influence of Intramolecular Interactions on Conformational and Dynamic Properties of Analogs of Heptapeptide AFP14-20 N. T. Moldogazieva, K. V. Shaitan, M. Yu. Antonov, I. K. Vinogradova, and A. A. Terentiev
1321/1640 [Abstract]

Interaction of Synthetic Peptide Octarphin with Rat Myocardium Membranes Y. N. Nekrasova, Y. A. Zolotarev, and E. V. Navolotskaya
1337/1659 [Abstract]

Acetylation Degree of Chitin in the Protective Response of Wheat Plants I. V. Maksimov, A. Sh. Valeev, and R. F. Safin
1342/1665 [Abstract]

Classification and Characterization of Putative Cytochrome P450 Genes from Panax ginseng C. A. Meyer Balusamy Sri Renuka Devi, Yu-Jin Kim, Subramaniyum Sathiyamoorthy, Altanzul Khorolragchaa, Sathiyaraj Gayathri, Shohana Parvin, Dong-Uk Yang, Senthil Kalai Selvi, Ok Ran Lee, Sungyoung Lee, and Deok-Chun Yang
1347/1671 [Abstract]

Investigation of the Redox Interaction between Mn-Bicarbonate Complexes and Reaction Centers from Rhodobacter sphaeroides R-26, Chromatium minutissimum, and Chloroflexus aurantiacus V. V. Terentyev, A. Ya. Shkuropatov, V. A. Shkuropatova, V. A. Shuvalov, and V. V. Klimov
1360/1686 [Abstract]

In vivo Injected Mitochondria-Targeted Plastoquinone Antioxidant SkQR1 Prevents β-Amyloid-Induced Decay of Long-Term Potentiation in Rat Hippocampal Slices N. A. Kapay, N. K. Isaev, E. V. Stelmashook, O. V. Popova, D. B. Zorov, V. G. Skrebitsky, and V. P. Skulachev
1367/1695 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

Cell-Penetrating Peptides. Methods and Protocols (Ü. Langel (ed.), in Methods in Molecular Biology, Vol. 683, J. M. Walker (ser. ed.), Springer Protocols, Humana Press is part of Springer Science+Business Media, New York, 2011, 586 p.) G. Ya. Wiederschain
1371/1700 [Full Article]