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Biochemistry (Moscow), Volume 77 (2012), Issue 3

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REVIEW: Cys2His2 Zinc Finger Protein Family: Classification, Functions, and Major Members

S. V. Razin, V. V. Borunova, O. G. Maksimenko, and O. L. Kantidze
217/277 [Abstract]

REVIEW: ERBB Oncogene Proteins as Targets for Monoclonal Antibodies O. L. Polanovski, E. N. Lebedenko, and S. M. Deyev
227/289 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Functional Phenotypes of Macrophages and the M1–M2 Polarization Concept. Part I. Proinflammatory Phenotype Y. Sh. Schwartz and A. V. Svistelnik
246/312 [Abstract]

E2F1 Enhances 8-Chloro-adenosine-Induced G2/M Arrest and Apoptosis in A549 and H1299 Lung Cancer Cells Hong-Ying Duan, Ji-Xiang Cao, Jun-Juan Qi, Guo-Sheng Wu, Shu-Yan Li, Guo-Shun An, Hong-Ti Jia, Wang-Wei Cai, and Ju-Hua Ni
261/330 [Abstract]

Initiation of 8-Oxoguanine Base Excision Repair within Trinucleotide Tandem Repeats A. G. Derevyanko, A. V. Endutkin, A. A. Ishchenko, M. K. Saparbaev, and D. O. Zharkov
270/342 [Abstract]

Fluorescence Studies on the Interaction of Myoglobin with Mitochondria G. B. Postnikova and E. A. Shekhovtsova
280/354 [Abstract]

Characterization of Recombinant PPi-Dependent 6-Phosphofructokinases from Methylosinus trichosporium OB3b and Methylobacterium nodulans ORS 2060 O. N. Rozova, V. N. Khmelenina, and Y. A. Trotsenko
288/363 [Abstract]

Computer Modeling of Transketolase-Like Protein, TKTL1, a Marker of Certain Tumor Tissues A. O. Maslova, L. E. Meshalkina, and G. A. Kochetov
296/372 [Abstract]

Oligopeptidase B from Serratia proteamaculans. III. Inhibition Analysis. Specific Interactions with Metalloproteinase Inhibitors A. G. Mikhailova, R. F. Khairullin, G. Ya. Kolomijtseva, and L. D. Rumsh
300/384 [Abstract]

Binding of DNA Methyltransferase M.Ecl18 to Operator–Promoter Region Decreases Its Methylating Activity D. V. Nikitin, M. L. Mokrishcheva, and A. S. Solonin
307/392 [Abstract]