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Biochemistry (Moscow), Volume 62 (1997), Number 7

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Factor IX of the Blood Coagulation System: a Review

L. D. Taran
685/803 [Abstract]

Tocopherol Modulates the Effects of A23187, Verapamil, and Phorbol Myristate Acetate on RNA-Polymerase Activity of Isolated Rat Liver Nuclei A. A. Kapralov, G. V. Petrova, S. M. Vasilieva, and G. V. Donchenko
694/814 [Abstract]

Reconstitution of the Intercellular Transfer Pathway of the Peptide Moiety of Ceruloplasmin in Mammals L. V. Puchkova, L. K. Sasina, T. D. Aleinikova, E. T. Zakharova, and V. S. Gaitskhoki
697/817 [Abstract]

Application of the Bicinchoninic Method of Assay for the Reducing Sugars to Determine Carboxymethylcellulase Activity of Cellulases Using a Microplate Reader I. N. Zorov, M. Yu. Dubasova, A. P. Sinitsyn, A. V. Gusakov, A. A. Mitchenko, V. A. Baraznenok, B. Gutyerres, and N. N. Popova
704/826 [Abstract]

Polypeptide Composition of Submitochondrial Fractions of Normal Liver Tissue and Zajdela Hepatoma T. S. Azarashvili, A. P. Kudin, N. A. Polteva, L. Yu. Kudzina, and Yu. V. Evtodienko
710/833 [Abstract]

Identification of Bacillus sp. FTU Strain and the Study of the caa3-Type Oxidase Homology V. A. Grinkevich, A. M. Lysenko, M. S. Muntyan, E. V. Skripnikova, and E. K. Afrikyan
718/842 [Abstract]

Effect of Cobalt Chloride on Content of Lipids and Lipoproteins in Serum and Liver of Rats P. A. Kaliman, R. V. Shalamov, and A. L. Zagaiko
725/850 [Abstract]

Isolation of a Strain Overproducing Endonuclease Eco29kI: Purification and Characterization of the Homogeneous Enzyme A. V. Pertzev, A. N. Kravetz, S. G. Mayorov, M. V. Zakharova, and A. S. Solonin
732/858 [Abstract]

ADE6 Gene of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Yeast Encoding Formylglycinamidine-Ribonucleotide Synthetase. Cloning, Sequencing, and Analysis Yu. V. Andreichuk, V. D. Domkin, T. A. Ryzhova, V. N. Koulikov, and T. R. Kostikova
742/868 [Abstract]

Substitution of an Amino Acid Residue by Asp for Conformational Constraint of Lys-Xaa Fragment in Biologically Active Peptides by Side Chain Lactamization P. V. Kostetsky and I. V. Artemjev
753/879 [Abstract]

Comparison of Cellulase Activity Assays with Stained and Unstained Cellulose Derivatives V. A. Baraznenok, N. V. Ankudimova, A. P. Sinitsyn, N. N. Popova, B. Gutyerres, O. N. Okunev, and I. N. Zorov
760/886 [Abstract]

Inhibition of Solubilized Superoxide Dismutase Co-immobilized with Catalase by the Polydisulfide of Gallic Acid A. N. Eryomin, Yu. P. Losev, and D. I. Metelitza
767/894 [Abstract]

Comparison of Cu,Zn-Superoxide Dismutases of Clawed Frogs of the Genus Xenopus A. V. Peskin and S. D. Stolyarov
776/905 [Abstract]

Synthesis and Some Aspects of Topogenesis of Bovine Cytochrome P450scc in Yeast A. S. Savelev, L. A. Novikova, V. L. Drutsa, L. V. Isaeva, A. A. Chernogolov, S. A. Usanov, and V. N. Luzikov
779/908 [Abstract]

Enzymatic Oxidation of beta-Apo-8'-carotenol to beta-Apo-14'-carotenal by an Enzyme Different from beta-Carotene-15,15'-dioxygenase A. A. Dmitrovskii, N. N. Gessler, S. B. Gomboeva, Yu. V. Ershov, and V. Ya. Bykhovsky
787/917 [Abstract]

Mechanism of Induced Resistance to Protein Inhibitors of Proliferation A. I. Bozhkov, M. Ya. Shevtsova, A. B. Malyshev, and E. A. Shentseva
793/924 [Abstract]

Redox Reactions and Stability of Dinitrosyl Iron Complexes with Thiolate Ligands as Potential Donors and Carriers of Nitric Oxide I. I. Lobysheva, V. A. Serezhenkov, R. A. Stucan, M. K. Bowman, and A. F. Vanin
801/934 [Abstract]