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Biochemistry (Moscow), Volume 63 (1998), Number 9

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REVIEW: Polygalacturonase Inhibiting Protein in Plant Cell Walls

E. M. Glinka and M. A. Protsenko
1015/1189 [Abstract]

Activation of Morphogenesis and Proliferation by Low Specificity Chemical Effectors E. G. Smirnova, G. S. Muromtsev, A. V. Osipenko, E. E. Khavkin, and L. S. Yaguzhinsky
1021/1196 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Tumor Invasion Yu. A. Rovensky
1029/1204 [Abstract]

Affinity Modification of Phenylalanyl-tRNA Synthetase from Thermus thermophilus by tRNAPhe Transcripts Containing 4-Thiouridine N. A. Moor, V. G. Stepanov, V. N. Ankilova, A. Favre, and O. I. Lavrik
1044/1222 [Abstract]

Localization of the Binding Site for the 3´-Terminal Sequence of tRNAPhe in Subunits of Phenylalanyl-tRNA Synthetasefrom Thermus thermophilus N. A. Moor, V. N. Ankilova, A. Favre, and O. I. Lavrik
1051/1231 [Abstract]

Comparative Investigation of Sphingoid Bases and Fatty Acids in Ceramides and Sphingomyelins from Human Ovarian Malignant Tumors and Normal Ovary S. N. Rylova, O. G. Somova, and E. V. Dyatlovitskaya
1057/1238 [Abstract]

Partial Amino Acid Sequence of gamma-46 Gliadin T. A. Egorov, T. I. Odintsova, A. K. Musolyamov, S. F. Barbashov, V. N. Pustobaev, J. Andersen, P. Roepstorff, and Y. Popineau
1061/1243 [Abstract]

Transition-Metal Complexes as Inhibitors of Proteins Recognizing Double-Stranded Fragments of Nucleic Acids N. F. Krynetskaya, E. A. Kubareva, M. A. Timchenko, V. M. Belkov, and Z. A. Shabarova
1068/1251 [Abstract]

Protein Kinase C and Casein Kinase 2 Phosphorylate in vitro Proteins of the Annexin Family from Eggs of Loach Misgurnus fossilis A. A. Minin, E. A. Zemskov, and N. V. Khaidarova
1074/1258 [Abstract]

Interaction of Human Leukocyte Elastase with Plasma Fibronectin and Its Inhibition by Soybean Bowman--Birk Protease Inhibitor N. I. Larionova, N. G. Balabushevitch, and P. A. Zhatikov
1078/1263 [Abstract]

Organization of Fusicoccin Receptor in Higher Plant Plasma Membrane: Relationship between Affinity and Molecular Mass O. I. Klychnikov, A. V. Drabkin, O. V. Vasilenko, Yu. S. Pavlov, M. S. Trofimova, I. N. Smolenskaya, A. A. Rozenkranz, A. S. Sobolev, and A. V. Babakov
1083/1269 [Abstract]

Interactions of 16alpha,17alpha-Cyclohexane Derivatives of Progesterone with the Progesterone Receptor from Rat Uterus A. N. Smirnov, E. V. Pokrovskaya, V. P. Shevchenko, I. S. Levina, and A. V. Kamernitzky
1090/1279 [Abstract]

Structure of Teichoic Acid of the Cell Wall of Streptomyces sparsogenes VKM Ac-1744T A. S. Shashkov, E. M. Tul'skaya, A. A. Grachev, L. I. Evtushenko, O. V. Bueva, and I. B. Naumova
1098/1288 [Abstract]

Specific Substrates for Spectrophotometric Determination of Penicillin Acylase Activity M. I. Youshko, T. A. Shamolina, D. F. Guranda, A. V. Synev, and V. K. Svedas
1104/1295 [Abstract]

Resonant Energy Transfer from Proteins to Pyridine Nucleotides in Mitochondria N. L. Vekshin
1110/1301 [Abstract]

On the Problem of a Regulatory Role of Active Oxygen Species in Cells A. V. Kaluev
1114/1305 [Abstract]

Concerning the Role of Active Oxygen Species as Regulators (reply to A. V. Kaluev's comment "On the Problem of a Regulatory Role of Active Oxygen Species in Cells") A. V. Peskin
1116/1307 [Abstract]