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Biochemistry (Moscow), Volume 71 (2006), Issue 10

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REVIEW: Molecular Interactions of Acute Phase Serum Amyloid A: Possible Involvement in Carcinogenesis

M. A. Vlasova and S. A. Moshkovskii
1051/1301 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Quantitative Proteomics and Its Applications for Systems Biology S. Ivakhno and A. Kornelyuk
1060/1312 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Glucocorticoid Resistance Z. Orbak
1073/1328 [Abstract]

Modulation of Hippocampal Neuron Survival by Thrombin and Factor Xa L. R. Gorbacheva, T. P. Storozhevykh, V. G. Pinelis, S. Ishiwata, and S. M. Strukova
1082/1338 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

Influence of ATP on Ehrlich Ascites Carcinoma Cell Free Cytoplasmic Calcium Concentration in the Course of Tumor Growth T. N. Zamay and A. S. Zamay
1090/1347 [Abstract]

Study of Changes in Diacylglycerol Content on Nerve Excitation V. V. Revin, M. A. Yudanov, E. S. Revina, G. V. Maksimov, and I. P. Gruniushkin
1096/1354 [Abstract]

Comparative Study of Effects of Polyols, Salts, and Alcohols on Trichloroacetic Acid-Induced State of Cytochrome c Aabgeena Naeem, Mohd. Tashfeen Ashraf, Mohd. Akram, and Rizwan Hasan Khan
1101/1360 [Abstract]

Silybin Reduces Lipid Peroxidation of Rat Hepatocyte Membrane Caused by Cyclosporin A V. Moulisová, M. Srbová, O. Jedlicková, J. Šebestian, and A. Jegorov
1110/1371 [Abstract]

Microcystin-Induced 8-Hydroxydeoxyguanosine in DNA and Its Reduction by Melatonin, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E in Mice S. Al-Jassabi and A. M. Khalil
1115/1377 [Abstract]

Death of Stoma Guard Cells in Leaf Epidermis under Disturbance of Energy Provision E. V. Dzyubinskaya, D. B. Kiselevsky, N. V. Lobysheva, A. A. Shestak, and V. D. Samuilov
1120/1383 [Abstract]

Regulation of Cytochrome c Peroxidase Activity by Nitric Oxide and Laser Irradiation A. N. Osipov, G. O. Stepanov, Yu. A. Vladimirov, A. V. Kozlov, and V. E. Kagan
1128/1392 [Abstract]

Red Fluorescent Protein DsRed: Parametrization of Its Chromophore as an Amino Acid Residue for Computer Modeling in the OPLS-AA Force Field D. V. Dmitrienko, E. P. Vrzheshch, V. L. Drutsa, and P. V. Vrzheshch
1133/1399 [Abstract]

Downregulation of Genes Encoding for Subunits of Adaptor Complex-3 in Cervical Carcinomas A. A. Petrenko, L. S. Pavlova, A. I. Karseladze, F. L. Kisseljov, and N. P. Kisseljova
1153/1421 [Abstract]

Properties of Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae Plasma Membrane Dicarboxylate Transporter D. A. Aliverdieva, D. V. Mamaev, D. I. Bondarenko, and K. F. Sholtz
1161/1430 [Abstract]