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Biochemistry (Moscow), Volume 72 (2007), Issue 5

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MINI-REVIEW: Mechanisms Controlling Activation of the alpha-Globin Gene Domain in Chicken Erythroid Cells

S. V. Razin and E. S. Ioudinkova
467/581 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Cellular Mechanisms of Brain Hypoglycemia N. K. Isaev, E. V. Stel'mashuk, and D. B. Zorov
471/586 [Abstract]

REVIEW: The Role of Lysosphingolipids in the Regulation of Biological Processes E. V. Dyatlovitskaya
479/596 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Unknown Functions of Immunoglobulins A T. N. Kazeeva and A. B. Shevelev
485/603 [Abstract]

Quantum Chemical Studies of the Catalytic Mechanism of N-Terminal Nucleophile Hydrolase G. G. Chilov, A. V. Sidorova, and V. K. Svedas
495/615 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

Catalase and Antiquitin from Euphorbia characias: Two Proteins Involved in Plant Defense? A. Mura, F. Pintus, R. Medda, G. Floris, A. C. Rinaldi, and A. Padiglia
501/622 [Abstract]

Effect of the Inhibitory Neurotransmitter Glycine on Slow Destructive Processes in Brain Cortex Slices under Anoxic Conditions A. A. Tonshin, N. V. Lobysheva, L. S. Yaguzhinsky, E. N. Bezgina, D. A. Moshkov, and Ya. R. Nartsissov
509/631 [Abstract]

Effect of alpha-Crystallin on Thermal Aggregation of Glycogen Phosphorylase b from Rabbit Skeletal Muscle A. V. Meremyanin, T. B. Eronina, N. A. Chebotareva, S. Yu. Kleimenov, I. K. Yudin, K. O. Muranov, M. A. Ostrovsky, and B. I. Kurganov
518/642 [Abstract]

Conformational Dynamics of Human alpha-Fetoprotein-Derived Heptapeptide LDSYQCT Analogs N. T. Moldogazieva, A. A. Terentiev, A. N. Kazimirsky, M. Yu. Antonov, and K. V. Shaitan
529/655 [Abstract]

Influence of Ultraviolet-C on Structure and Function of Synechococcus sp. PCC 7942 Photolyase L. W. Zhang, M. Li, and Q. Y. Wu
540/668 [Abstract]

Induction of Heme Oxygenase-1 Improves Cold Preservation Effect of Liver Graft Liu Ming, Wang Bo, Zhao Xiaoyu, Wang Guangyi, and Zhou Hong
545/674 [Abstract]

Benzo[a]pyrene-Dependent Activation of Transcription Factors NF-kappaB and AP-1 Related to Tumor Promotion in Hepatoma Cell Cultures N. A. Bolotina, A. V. Gasparian, T. K. Dubovaja, V. A. Evteev, and V. A. Kobliakov
552/682 [Abstract]

Heterogeneity of Thylakoid Membranes Studied by EPR Spin Probe S. M. Kochubey, A. I. Vovk, O. Yu. Bondarenko, V. V. Shevchenko, R. V. Bugas, A. K. Melnyk, and V. Yu. Tanchuk
558/690 [Abstract]

Isolation and Characterization of Extracellular Pectin Lyase from Penicillium canescens O. A. Sinitsyna, E. A. Fedorova, M. V. Semenova, A. V. Gusakov, L. M. Sokolova, T. M. Bubnova, O. N. Okunev, A. M. Chulkin, E. A. Vavilova, Y. P. Vinetsky, and A. P. Sinitsyn
565/699 [Abstract]

Cyanide-Induced Death of Cells in Plant Leaves L. A. Vasil'ev, A. A. Vorobyov, E. V. Dzyubinskaya, A. V. Nesov, A. A. Shestak, and V. D. Samuilov
572/707 [Abstract]

MicroRNA in Schizophrenia: Genetic and Expression Analysis of miR-130b (22q11) O. A. Burmistrova, A. Y. Goltsov, L. I. Abramova, V. G. Kaleda, V. A. Orlova, and E. I. Rogaev
578/- [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

Apoptosis in the Light of Targeting Therapy, 2005 A. A. Philchenkov
583/714 [Full Article]

Apoptosis in the Light of Targeting Therapy, 2006 A. A. Philchenkov
585/717 [Full Article]