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Biochemistry (Moscow), Volume 72 (2007), Issue 8

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REVIEW: Lipid Second Messengers and Cell Signaling in Vascular Wall

N. V. Prokazova, N. N. Samovilova, N. K. Golovanova, E. V. Gracheva, A. A. Korotaeva, and E. R. Andreeva
797/981 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Free Radical Oxidation of Proteins and Its Relationship with Functional State of Organisms V. I. Lushchak
809/995 [Abstract]

Kinetic Models of Cyclooxygenase and Peroxidase Inactivation of Prostaglandin-H-synthase during Catalysis P. V. Vrzheshch, L. A. Tsaplina, and I. S. Sakharova
828/1018 [Abstract]

Investigation of Chimerical and Tagged Forms of Recombinant Rat Nucleoside Diphosphate Kinases alpha and beta. Interaction with Rhodopsin-Transducin Complex and Thermal Stability N. Ya. Orlov, Y. Ishijima, D. N. Orlov, T. G. Orlova, E. A. Burstein, and N. Kimura
835/1027 [Abstract]

Tim18, a Component of the Mitochondrial Translocator, Mediates Yeast Cell Death Induced by Arsenic Li Du, Yong Yu, Zidong Li, Jingsi Chen, Yan Liu, Yongjing Xia, and Xiangjun Liu
843/1037 [Abstract]

Regulation of Matrix Metalloproteinase-9 Transcription in Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Uterine Cervix: the Role of Human Papillomavirus Gene E2 Expression and Activation of Transcription Factor NF-kappaB A. V. Gasparian, M. D. Fedorova, and F. L. Kisseljov
848/1043 [Abstract]

Pentaspan Membrane Glycoprotein, Prominin-1, Is Involved in Glucose Metabolism and Cytoskeleton Alteration Chang Yang, Yanli Yang, Nishith Gupta, Xiaojun Liu, Aibin He, Lizhong Liu, Jin Zuo, Yongsheng Chang, and Fude Fang
854/1050 [Abstract]

A Protein Whose Binding to Na,K-ATPase Is Regulated by Ouabain N. V. Dolgova, Yu. V. Kamanina, O. A. Akimova, S. N. Orlov, A. M. Rubtsov, and O. D. Lopina
863/1061 [Abstract]

Identification of Leukocyte Cationic Proteins That Interact with Ceruloplasmin A. V. Sokolov, M. O. Pulina, K. V. Ageeva, O. L. Runova, E. T. Zakharova, and V. B. Vasilyev
872/1072 [Abstract]

Study of Interaction of XRCC1 with DNA and Proteins of Base Excision Repair by Photoaffinity Labeling Technique Zh. K. Nazarkina, S. N. Khodyreva, S. Marsin, J. P. Radicella, and O. I. Lavrik
878/1078 [Abstract]

Fluorescent DNA Probes: Study of Mechanisms of Changes in Spectral Properties and Features of Practical Application V. S. Sibirtsev
887/1090 [Abstract]

Spectral Study of the Interaction of DNA with Benzothiazolyl-benz-alpha-chromene V. S. Sibirtsev and A. V. Garabadzhiu
901/1107 [Abstract]