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Biochemistry (Moscow), Volume 75 (2010), Issue 3

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Mitochondria-Targeted Plastoquinone Derivative SkQ1 Increases Early Reproduction of Drosophila melanogaster at the Cost of Early Survival

E. A. Tsybul’ko, N. V. Roshina, O. Yu. Rybina, and E. G. Pasyukova
265/325 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

Antimutagenic Activity of Mitochondria-Targeted Plastoquinone Derivative V. A. Chistyakov, M. A. Sazykina, A. A. Alexandrova, N. I. Belichenko, E. V. Mashkina, L. V. Gutnikova, P. V. Zolotukhin, and T. P. Shkurat
269/331 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

Novel Mitochondria-Targeted Antioxidants, “Skulachev-Ion” Derivatives, Accelerate Dermal Wound Healing in Animals I. A. Demianenko, T. V. Vasilieva, L. V. Domnina, V. B. Dugina, M. V. Egorov, O. Y. Ivanova, O. P. Ilinskaya, O. Y. Pletjushkina, E. N. Popova, I. Y. Sakharov, A. V. Fedorov, and B. V. Chernyak
274/337 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

REVIEW: Oxidative Stress in Yeast V. I. Lushchak
281/346 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Induction of Permeability of the Inner Membrane of Yeast Mitochondria M. V. Kovaleva, E. I. Sukhanova, T. A. Trendeleva, K. M. Popova, M. V. Zylkova, L. A. Uralskaya, and R. A. Zvyagilskaya
297/365 [Abstract]

Protein Kinase C-δ Is Involved in Induction of NOX1 Gene Expression by Aldosterone in Rat Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells Haiyan Wei, Xuhua Mi, Ling Ji, Lichuan Yang, Qingjie Xia, Yuquan Wei, Isamu Miyamori, and ChunYuan Fan
304/373 [Abstract]

Solid-Phase Assays for Study of Carbohydrate Specificity of Galectins E. M. Rapoport, T. V. Pochechueva, O. V. Kurmyshkina, G. V. Pazynina, V. V. Severov, E. A. Gordeeva, I. M. Belyanchikov, S. André, H.-J. Gabius, and N. V. Bovin
310/380 [Abstract]

A New Cotton SDR Family Gene Encodes a Polypeptide Possessing Aldehyde Reductase and 3-Ketoacyl-CoA Reductase Activities Yu Pang, Wen-Qiang Song, Fang-Yuan Chen, and Yong-Mei Qin
320/391 [Abstract]

Probes of Inhibition of Escherichia coli F1-ATPase by 7-Chloro-4-nitrobenz-2-oxa-1,3-diazole in the Presence of MgADP and MgATP Support a Bi-Site Mechanism of ATP Hydrolysis by the Enzyme V. V. Bulygin and Y. M. Milgrom
327/400 [Abstract]

Studies on Amino Acid Replacement and Inhibitory Activity of a β-Lactamase Inhibitory Peptide Liping Xie, Mingfei Xu, Tao Yang, Chunbao Zhu, Baoquan Zhu, and Youjia Hu
336/411 [Abstract]

Peculiarities of Cyanide Binding to the ba3-Type Cytochrome Oxidase from the Thermophilic Bacterium Thermus thermophilus A. V. Kalinovich, N. V. Azarkina, T. V. Vygodina, T. Soulimane, and A. A. Konstantinov
342/418 [Abstract]

Blood Content of Tyrosine Is an Index of Glucocorticoid Action on Metabolism I. T. Rass
353/431 [Abstract]

Methyl Cyanide Induces α to β Transition and Aggregation at High Concentrations in E-State of Human Serum Albumin P. Sen, M. A. Iqbal, S. Fatima, and R. H. Khan
367/447 [Abstract]

Structural Stability and Functional Analysis of L-Asparaginase from Pyrococcus furiosus S. Bansal, D. Gnaneswari, P. Mishra, and B. Kundu
375/457 [Abstract]