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Biochemistry (Moscow), Volume 77(8), 2012

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REVIEW: The Impact of Genomics on Research in Diversity and Evolution of Archaea

A. V. Mardanov and N. V. Ravin
799/965 [Abstract]

REVIEW: MicroRNAs: Possible Role in Pathogenesis of Parkinson’s Disease E. V. Filatova, A. Kh. Alieva, M. I. Shadrina, and P. A. Slominsky
813/981 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Serine Proteases of Small Intestine Mucosa – Localization, Functional Properties, and Physiological Role T. S. Zamolodchikova
820/989 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Mass Spectrometric Approaches to Study Enveloped Viruses: New Possibilities for Structural Biology and Prophylactic Medicine L. V. Kordyukova and M. V. Serebryakova
830/1002 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Quinone-Dependent Alcohol Dehydrogenases and FAD-Dependent Alcohol Oxidases A. R. Gvozdev, I. A. Tukhvatullin, and R. I. Gvozdev
843/1017 [Abstract]

Role of EctR as Transcriptional Regulator of Ectoine Biosynthesis Genes in Methylophaga thalassica I. I. Mustakhimov, A. S. Reshetnikov, D. N. Fedorov, V. N. Khmelenina, and Y. A. Trotsenko
857/1044 [Abstract]

Identification of Intracellular Spiroplasma melliferum Metabolites by the HPLC-MS Method A. A. Vanyushkina, D. E. Kamashev, I. A. Altukhov, and V. M. Govorun
864/1052 [Abstract]

Catalytic Properties and Amino Acid Sequence of Endo-1→3-β-D-glucanase from the Marine Mollusk Tapes literata A. M. Zakharenko, M. I. Kusaykin, S. N. Kovalchuk, V. V. Sova, A. S. Silchenko, A. A. Belik, S. D. Anastyuk, Bui Minh Ly, V. A. Rasskazov, and T. N. Zvyagintseva
878/1067 [Abstract]

40-kDa Actin-Binding Protein of Thin Filaments of the Mussel Crenomytilus grayanus Inhibits the Strong Bond Formation between Actin and Myosin Head during the ATPase Cycle V. V. Sirenko, A. H. Simonyan, A. V. Dobrzhanskaya, N. S. Shelud’ko, and Y. S. Borovikov
889/1080 [Abstract]

Domain Motions of Class I Release Factor Induced by Binding with Class II Release Factor from Euplotes octocarinatus Jie Chen, Bing-sheng Yang, and Ai-hua Liang
896/1089 [Abstract]

Effect of Calcium Ions on Electron Transfer between Hemes a and a3 in Cytochrome c Oxidase T. V. Vygodina, A. V. Dyuba, and A. A. Konstantinov
901/1095 [Abstract]

Role of Prodigiosin and Chitinases in Antagonistic Activity of the Bacterium Serratia marcescens against the Fungus Didymella applanata A. B. Duzhak, Z. I. Panfilova, T. G. Duzhak, E. A. Vasyunina, and M. V. Shternshis
910/1105 [Abstract]

Evaluation of the Electrical Potential on the Membrane of the Extremely Alkaliphilic Bacterium Thioalkalivibrio M. S. Muntyan, D. A. Morozov, S. S. Klishin, N. V. Khitrin, and G. Ya. Kolomijtseva
917/1113 [Abstract]

Impact on N-Glycosylation Profile of Monoclonal Anti-D Antibodies as a Way to Control Their Immunoregulatory and Cytotoxic Properties N. I. Olovnikova, M. A. Ershler, O. V. Grigorieva, A. V. Petrov, and G. Yu. Miterev
925/1122 [Abstract]

HDAC1/DNMT3A-Containing Complex Is Associated with Suppression of Oct4 in Cervical Cancer Cells Dongbo Liu, Peng Zhou, Li Zhang, Wei Gong, Gang Huang, Yingru Zheng, and Fengtian He
934/- [Abstract]

Expression, Purification, and Secondary Structure Characterization of Recombinant KCTD1 Fanghua Mei, Jin Xiang, Song Han, Yuan He, Yajing Lu, Jian Xu, Deyin Guo, Gengfu Xiao, Po Tien, and Guihong Sun
941/- [Abstract]