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Biochemistry (Moscow), Volume 85(12), 2020

Special Issue For the 85th Anniversary of Vladimir Petrovich Skulachev

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REVIEW: At the Crossroads of Bioenergetics and Antibiotic Discovery

K. Lewis
1469/1732 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

REVIEW: Mitoptosis, Twenty Years After K. G. Lyamzaev, D. A. Knorre, and B. V. Chernyak
1484/1750 [Abstract]

MINI-REVIEW: What Can We Learn about Aging and COVID-19 by Studying Mortality? L. A. Gavrilov and N. S. Gavrilova
1499/1766 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Importance and Meaning of TERRA Sequences for Aging Mechanisms G. Libertini, G. Corbi, and F. Nicola
1505/1773 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Expansion of the “Sodium World” through Evolutionary Time and Taxonomic Space M. I. Kozlova, I. M. Bushmakin, J. D. Belyaeva, D. N. Shalaeva, D. V. Dibrova, D. A. Cherepanov, and A. Y. Mulkidjanian
1518/1788 [Abstract]

REVIEW: COVID-19 and Oxidative Stress B. V. Chernyak, E. N. Popova, A. S. Prikhodko, O. A. Grebenchikov, L. A. Zinovkina, and R. A. Zinovkin
1543/1816 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Nobiletin: Targeting the Circadian Network to Promote Bioenergetics and Healthy Aging E. Mileykovskaya, S.-H. Yoo, W. Dowhan, and Z. Chen
1554/1829 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Do Multiple Drug Resistance Transporters Interfere with Cell Functioning under Normal Conditions? D. A. Knorre, K. V. Galkina, T. Shirokovskikh, A. Banerjee, and R. Prasad
1560/1837 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Nonphosphorylating Oxidation in Mitochondria and Related Processes D. B. Zorov, N. V. Andrianova, V. A. Babenko, L. E. Bakeeva, S. D. Zorov, L. D. Zorova, I. B. Pevsner, V. A. Popkov, E. Yu. Plotnikov, and D. N. Silachev
1570/1849 [Abstract]

Linking 7-Nitrobenzo-2-oxa-1,3-diazole (NBD) to Triphenylphosphonium Yields Mitochondria-Targeted Protonophore and Antibacterial Agent I. R. Iaubasarova, L. S. Khailova, P. A. Nazarov, T. I. Rokitskaya, D. N. Silachev, T. I. Danilina, E. Y. Plotnikov, S. S. Denisov, R. S. Kirsanov, G. A. Korshunova, E. A. Kotova, D. B. Zorov, and Y. N. Antonenko
1578/1858 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Targeting Inflammation and Oxidative Stress as a Therapy for Ischemic Kidney Injury N. V. Andrianova, D. B. Zorov, and E. Y. Plotnikov
1591/1873 [Abstract]

Effect of Membrane Environment on the Ligand-Binding Properties of the Terminal Oxidase Cytochrome bd-I from Escherichia coli V. B. Borisov
1603/1887 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Rotary Ion-Translocating ATPases/ATP Synthases: Diversity, Similarities, and Differences V. M. Zubareva, A. S. Lapashina, T. E. Shugaeva, A. V. Litvin, and B. A. Feniouk
1613/1898 [Abstract]

Identification of Na+-Pumping Cytochrome Oxidase in the Membranes of Extremely Alkaliphilic Thioalkalivibrio Bacteria M. S. Muntyan, D. A. Morozov, Y. F. Leonova, and T. V. Ovchinnikova
1631/1918 [Abstract]

Autophagy as a Target for the Retinoprotective Effects of the Mitochondria-Targeted Antioxidant SkQ1 D. V. Telegina, O. S. Kozhevnikova, A. Zh. Fursova, and N. G. Kolosova
1640/1928 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Metabolic ROS Signaling: To Immunity and Beyond A. Y. Andreyev, Y. E. Kushnareva, N. N. Starkova, and A. A. Starkov
1650/1939 [Abstract]