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Biochemistry (Moscow), Volume 68 (2003), Number 4

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REVIEW: Caspases as Regulators of Apoptosis and Other Cell Functions

A. A. Philchenkov
365/453 [Abstract]

Consensus Sequence of Transcription Factor SF-1 Binding Site and Putative Binding Site in the 5´-Flanking Regions of Genes Encoding Mouse Steroidogenic Enzymes 3betaHSDI and Cyp17 T. V. Busygina, E. V. Ignatieva, and A. V. Osadchuk
377/467 [Abstract]

Ion Transport Coupled to Terminal Oxidase Functioning in the Extremely Alkaliphilic Halotolerant Bacterium Thioalkalivibrio Yu. V. Grischuk, M. S. Muntyan, I. V. Popova, and D. Yu. Sorokin
385/477 [Abstract]

Cyclosporin A-Sensitive Decrease in the Transmembrane Potential across the Inner Membrane of Liver Mitochondria Induced by Low Concentrations of Fatty Acids and Ca2+ M. E. Bodrova, I. V. Brailovskaya, G. I. Efron, A. A. Starkov, and E. N. Mokhova
391/484 [Abstract]

Localization of a Site for Interaction with Hepatic Male-Specific Proteins in Two Rat Estrogen Sulfotransferase Genes I. I. Astapova, T. A. Shchelkunova, I. A. Morozov, A. N. Smirnov, and P. M. Rubtsov
399/494 [Abstract]

Protein Content of Human Saliva in Various Psycho-emotional States I. V. Grigoriev, L. V. Nikolaeva, and I. D. Artamonov
405/501 [Abstract]

Comparative Kinetic Study of D-Glucose Oxidation by Ruthenium(III) Compounds Catalyzed by FAD-Dependent Glucose Oxidase and PQQ-Dependent Glucose Dehydrogenase E. V. Ivanova, A. Yu. Ershov, V. Laurinavicius, R. Meskus, and A. D. Ryabov
407/504 [Abstract]

Role of Integrin alphavbeta3 in Substrate-Dependent Apoptosis of Human Intestinal Carcinoma Cells G. E. Morozevich, N. I. Kozlova, A. N. Chubukina, and A. E. Berman
416/514 [Abstract]

A Comparative Study of the Effect of Abscisic Acid and cAMP on Protein Synthesis in Wheat Caryopses under Drought Conditions N. N. Maksyutova and L. V. Viktorova
424/523 [Abstract]

Bacillus species LU4 Is an Effective Producer of Thermostable Site-Specific Endonuclease BspLU4I, an Isoschizomer of AvaI I. V. Svadbina, E. N. Zheleznyakova, L. A. Zheleznaya, and N. I. Matvienko
429/529 [Abstract]

Change in pH-dependent Membrane Insertion Characteristics of Trichosanthin Caused by Deletion of Its Last Seven C-terminal Amino Acid Residues Fan Zhang, Ying-Jie Lu, Pang Chui Shaw, and Sen-fang Sui
436/537 [Abstract]

New Structures of the O-Specific Polysaccharides of Proteus. 3. Polysaccharides Containing Non-carbohydrate Organic Acids A. N. Kondakova, F. V. Toukach, S. N. Senchenkova, N. P. Arbatsky, A. S. Shashkov, Y. A. Knirel, B. Bartodziejska, K. Zych, A. Rozalski, and Z. Sidorczyk
446/548 [Abstract]

Intracellular Peptidoglycan Hydrolases of the Bacterium Xanthomonas campestris XL-1 B. V. Sitkin, I. M. Tsfasman, O. A. Stepnaya, and I. S. Kulaev
458/562 [Abstract]

Effect of Ethylene Producer Ethrel and Antioxidant Ionol (BHT) on the Proteolytic Apparatus in Coleoptiles of Wheat Seedlings during Apoptosis L. I. Fedoreyeva, N. I. Aleksandrushkina, Ya. E. Dunaevsky, M. A. Belozersky, and B. F. Vanyushin
464/570 [Abstract]

Role of Reproductive Hormones in Control of Apoptosis of T-Lymphocytes S. V. Shirshev, E. M. Kuklina, and A. A. Yarilin
470/577 [Abstract]

A New Binary System for Photosensitized Labeling of DNA Polymerases in Nuclear Extract N. A. Lebedeva, N. I. Rechkunova, S. V. Dezhurov, S. N. Khodyreva, A. Favre, and O. I. Lavrik
476/584 [Abstract]

Phorbol Ester Stimulates Expression of the Human Tryptophanyl-tRNA Synthetase Gene M. Yu. Zabazarnykh and D. Yu. Litvinov
482/592 [Abstract]

Inhibitory Effects of Some Flavonoids on the Activity of Mushroom Tyrosinase Li-Ping Xie, Qing-Xi Chen, Huang Huang, Hong-Zhong Wang, and Rong-Qing Zhang
487/598 [Abstract]

Nucleosome Positioning on Yeast Plasmids Is Determined Only by the Internal Signal of DNA Sequence Occupied by the Nucleosome G. I. Kiryanov, L. V. Isaeva, L. N. Kinzurashvili, and M. G. Zacharova
492/603 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]