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Biochemistry (Moscow), Volume 69 (2004), Number 4

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REVIEW: Short Forms of Membrane Receptors: Generation and Role in Hormonal Signal Transduction

O. V. Smirnova and R. L. Bogorad
351/437 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

Chimerogenesis in Estimation of Specificity and Pathway Directions for Cytochrome P45017alpha Catalyzed Reactions A. A. Gilep, R. W. Estabrook, and S. A. Usanov
364/453 [Abstract]

Purification and Properties of Isocitrate Lyase from Pupas of the Butterfly Papilio machaon L. A. T. Eprintsev, M. Yu. Shevchenko, and V. N. Popov
376/467 [Abstract]

Effect of Chlorpromazine on Human and Murine Intracellular Carboxylesterases L. Radenovic and G. Kartelija
381/473 [Abstract]

Purification and Properties of Exopolyphosphatase from the Cytosol of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Not Encoded by the PPX1 Gene N. A. Andreeva, T. V. Kulakovskaya, and I. S. Kulaev
387/480 [Abstract]

Characteristics of Non-opioid beta-Endorphin Receptor E. V. Navolotskaya, Yu. A. Kovalitskaya, Yu. A. Zolotarev, A. A. Kolobov, E. A. Kampe-Nemm, N. V. Malkova, V. V. Yurovsky, and V. M. Lipkin
394/488 [Abstract]

Effects of N-Terminal Deletion Mutation on Rabbit Muscle Lactate Dehydrogenase Yanbin Zheng, Shuyuan Guo, Zhi Guo, and Xicheng Wang
401/497 [Abstract]

Structure of Lipid A from the Marine gamma-Proteobacterium Marinomonas vaga ATCC 27119T Lipopolysaccharide N. V. Kapustina, I. N. Krasikova, V. V. Isakov, N. M. Gorshkova, and T. F. Solov'eva
407/504 [Abstract]

Inhibition of Gap Junction Intercellular Communications in Cell Culture by Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) in the Absence of PAH Metabolism Ju. Ju. Sharovskaja, A. V. Vaiman, N. A. Solomatina, and V. A. Kobliakov
413/511 [Abstract]

Purification and Characterization of Serine Proteinase 2 from Bacillus intermedius 3-19 N. P. Balaban, A. M. Mardanova, M. R. Sharipova, L. A. Gabdrakhmanova, E. A. Sokolova, G. N. Rudenskaya, and I. B. Leshchinskaya
420/519 [Abstract]

Comparative Characterization of Extracellular and Intracellular Hydrocarbons of Clostridium pasteurianum T. V. Bagaeva and E. E. Zinurova
427/527 [Abstract]

Functional Relationship between Na/K-ATPase and NMDA-Receptors in Rat Cerebellum Granule Cells A. Boldyrev, E. Bulygina, O. Gerassimova, L. Lyapina, and W. Schoner
429/530 [Abstract]

DNA Polymerase Iota-Like Activity in Crude Cell Extracts of Different Mouse Organs L. V. Gening, A. N. Petrochenkov, A. B. Reshetnyak, L. E. Andreeva, and V. Z. Tarantul
435/537 [Abstract]

Cationic Inhibitors of Serine Proteinases from Buckwheat Seeds: Study of Their Interaction with Exogenous Proteinases T. A. Tsybina, Y. E. Dunaevsky, N. A. Popykina, N. I. Larionova, and M. A. Belozersky
441/544 [Abstract]

Reduction of Photosystem I Reaction Center in DrgA Mutant of the Cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 Lacking Soluble NAD(P)H:Quinone Oxidoreductase I. V. Elanskaya, K. N. Timofeev, V. G. Grivennikova, G. V. Kuznetsova, L. N. Davletshina, E. P. Lukashev, and F. V. Yaminsky
445/549 [Abstract]

Kinetics of Chemical Modification of Arginine Residues in Mitochondrial Creatine Kinase from Bovine Heart: Evidence for Negative Cooperativity L. V. Belousova and E. L. Muizhnek
455/560 [Abstract]

Iron, Nitric Oxide, and Myeloperoxidase in Asthmatic Patients O. B. Ekmekci, O. Donma, E. Sardoğan, N. Yildirim, O. Uysal, H. Demirel, and T. Demir
462/568 [Abstract]

Capillary Electrophoresis of Carbohydrates (Thibault, P., and Honda, S., eds., Humana Press, 2003, 320 p.) G. Ya. Wiederschain
468/575 [Full Article]