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Biochemistry (Moscow), Volume 77 (2012), Issue 5

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Blood–Brain Barrier Unlocked

N. Goldstein, R. Goldstein, D. Terterov, A. A. Kamensky, G. I. Kovalev, Yu. A. Zolotarev, G. N. Avakyan, and S. Terterov
419/525 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

Identification of New M23A mRNA of Mouse Aquaporin-4 Expressed in Brain, Liver, and Kidney T. Yu. Alikina, N. B. Illarionova, S. M. Zelenin, and A. A. Bondar
425/533 [Abstract]

Classification of Rhodopsin Structures by Modern Methods of Structural Bioinformatics G. V. Novikov, V. S. Sivozhelezov, A. S. Shebanova, and K. V. Shaitan
435/544 [Abstract]

Femtosecond Charge Separation in Dry Films of Reaction Centers of Rhodobacter sphaeroides and Chloroflexus aurantiacus A. G. Yakovlev, A. Yu. Khmelnitsky, and V. A. Shuvalov
444/555 [Abstract]

Initiation of the 3′:5′-AMP-Induced Protein Kinase A Iα Regulatory Subunit Conformational Transition. Part I. A202 and A326 Are Critical Residues O. N. Rogacheva, B. F. Shchegolev, V. E. Stefanov, G. A. Zakharov, and E. V. Savvateeva-Popova
456/568 [Abstract]

Initiation of the 3′:5′-AMP-Induced Protein Kinase A Iα Regulatory Subunit Conformational Transition. Part II. Inhibition by Rp-3′:5′-AMPS O. N. Rogacheva, B. F. Shchegolev, V. E. Stefanov, and E. V. Savvateeva-Popova
465/578 [Abstract]

Correlation between Biological Activity and Conformational Dynamics Properties of Tetra- and Pentapeptides Derived from Fetoplacental Proteins N. T. Moldogazieva, A. A. Terentiev, M. Yu. Antonov, A. N. Kazimirsky, and K. V. Shaitan
469/583 [Abstract]

Processing Character of the Action of Wheat Endonucleases WEN1 and WEN2. Kinetic Parameters L. I. Fedoreyeva and B. F. Vanyushin
485/603 [Abstract]

Isolation and Properties of Recombinant Inulinases from Aspergillus sp. P. V. Volkov, O. A. Sinitsyna, E. A. Fedorova, A. M. Rojkova, A. D. Satrutdinov, I. N. Zorov, O. N. Okunev, A. V. Gusakov, and A. P. Sinitsyn
492/611 [Abstract]

Food Protein Fragments Are Regulatory Oligopeptides A. A. Zamyatnin and O. L. Voronina
502/622 [Abstract]

Teichulosonic Acid, an Anionic Polymer of a New Class from the Cell Wall of Actinoplanes utahensis VKM Ac-674T A. S. Shashkov, G. M. Streshinskaya, Yu. I. Kozlova, E. M. Tul’skaya, S. N. Senchenkova, N. P. Arbatskii, O. V. Bueva, and L. I. Evtushenko
511/633 [Abstract]

Gene Conversion in the Mitochondrial Genome on Interspecific Hybridization in Voles of the Clethrionomys Genus B. A. Malyarchuk
518/641 [Abstract]

Interaction of Nucleotide Excision Repair Proteins with DNA Containing Bulky Lesion and Apurinic/Apyrimidinic Site L. V. Skosareva, N. A. Lebedeva, N. I. Rechkunova, E. A. Maltseva, P. E. Pestryakov, and O. I. Lavrik
524/648 [Abstract]

A New Viral Vector Exploiting RNA Polymerase I-Mediated Transcription T. V. Komarova, A. M. Schwartz, A. A. Makarov, and Yu. L. Dorokhov
532/657 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

Profiling and Comparative Analysis of Glycoproteins in Hs578BST and Hs578T and Investigation of Prolyl 4-Hydroxylase Alpha Polypeptide II Expression and Influence in Breast Cancer Cells Peng Wei Pan, Qi Zhang, Fang Bai, Jie Hou, and Gang Bai
539/- [Abstract]

Erratum: “Binding of DNA Methyltransferase M.Ecl18 to Operator–Promoter Region Decreases Its Methylating Activity” [Biochemistry (Moscow), 77, 307 (2012)] D. V. Nikitin, M. L. Mokrishcheva, and A. S. Solonin
546/- [Full Article]