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Biochemistry (Moscow), Volume 79(1), 2014

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REVIEW: The Second Life of Antibodies

E. V. Navolotskaya
1/5 [Abstract]

Basolateral Expression of GRP94 in Parietal Cells of Gastric Mucosa R. M. Arin, Y. Rueda, O. Casis, M. Gallego, A. I. Vallejo, and B. Ochoa
8/13 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

Mechanism of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Yeast Cell Death Induced by Heat Shock. Effect of Cycloheximide on Thermotolerance E. G. Rikhvanov, I. V. Fedoseeva, N. N. Varakina, T. M. Rusaleva, and A. V. Fedyaeva
16/22 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

A Novel Approach for Fluorescent Visualization of Glycyrrhetic Acid on a Cell with a Quantum Dot Jie Hou, Qian Shi, Meirong Cao, Pengwei Pan, Guangbo Ge, Xuran Fan, Gang Bai, and Yi Xin
25/33 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

In silico Study of Effects of Polymorphisms on Biophysical Chemical Properties of Oxidized N-Terminal Domain of X-Ray Cross-Complementing Group 1 Protein J. Mehrzad, M. Monajjemi, and M. Hashemi
31/41 [Abstract]

Straight Core Structure of DNA Replication Origins in the Mammalian AMPD2 Locus Q. A. Lima Neto, F. S. Rando, D. V. B. Freitas, L. F. Rodrigues, F. R. Rosado, A. Fiorini, F. Gimenes, J. Tavares, and M. A. Fernandez
37/49 [Abstract]

Effect of Potential-Dependent Potassium Uptake on Production of Reactive Oxygen Species in Rat Brain Mitochondria O. V. Akopova, L. I. Kolchinskaya, V. I. Nosar, V. A. Bouryi, I. N. Mankovska, and V. F. Sagach
44/57 [Abstract]

Nicotinamidase from the Thermophilic Archaeon Acidilobus saccharovorans: Structural and Functional Characteristics T. N. Stekhanova, E. Y. Bezsudnova, A. V. Mardanov, E. M. Osipov, N. V. Ravin, K. G. Skryabin, and V. O. Popov
54/68 [Abstract]

Trigger Factor Assists the Refolding of Heterodimeric but Not Monomeric Luciferases O. E. Melkina, I. I. Goryanin, I. V. Manukhov, A. V. Baranova, V. A. Kolb, M. S. Svetlov, and G. B. Zavilgelsky
62/79 [Abstract]

Investigation of the Regulatory Function of Archaeal Ribosomal Protein L4 A. O. Mikhaylina, O. S. Kostareva, A. V. Sarskikh, R. V. Fedorov, W. Piendl, M. B. Garber, and S. V. Tishchenko
69/87 [Abstract]