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Biochemistry (Moscow), Volume 83(10), 2018

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REVIEW: ADP-Inhibition of H+-FOF1-ATP Synthase

A. S. Lapashina and B. A. Feniouk
1141/1427 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Advances in the Application of Modified Nucleotides in SELEX Technology O. M. Antipova, E. G. Zavyalova, A. V. Golovin, G. V. Pavlova, A. M. Kopylov, and R. V. Reshetnikov
1161/1450 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Calcium-Dependent Desensitization of NMDA Receptors D. A. Sibarov and S. M. Antonov
1173/1464 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Prions and Non-infectious Amyloids of Mammals – Similarities and Differences A. P. Galkin, M. E. Velizhanina, Yu. V. Sopova, A. A. Shenfeld, and S. P. Zadorsky
1184/1476 [Abstract]

REVIEW: αB-Crystallin Phosphorylation: Advances and Problems L. K. Muranova, M. V. Sudnitsyna, and N. B. Gusev
1196/1490 [Abstract]

Synthesis in Escherichia coli and Characterization of Human Recombinant Erythropoietin with Additional Heparin-Binding Domain A. S. Karyagina, T. M. Grunina, M. S. Poponova, P. A. Orlova, V. N. Manskikh, A. V. Demidenko, N. V. Strukova, M. S. Manukhina, K. E. Nikitin, A. M. Lyaschuk, Z. M. Galushkina, S. A. Cherepushkin, N. B. Polyakov, A. I. Solovyev, V. G. Zhukhovitsky, D. A. Tretyak, I. S. Boksha, A. V. Gromov, and V. G. Lunin
1207/1504 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

Hydrophobic Derivatives of Glycopeptide Antibiotics as Inhibitors of Protein Kinases G. Cozza, M. Fortuna, F. Meggio, S. Sarno, M. H. G. Kubbutat, F. Totzke, C. Schaechtele, L. A. Pinna, E. N. Olsufyeva, and M. N. Preobrazhenskaya
1222/1523 [Abstract]

Thermodynamic Study of Interactions of Distamycin A with Chromatin in Rat Liver Nuclei in the Presence of Polyamines A. N. Prusov, T. A. Smirnova, and G. Ya. Kolomijtseva
1231/1534 [Abstract]

SkQ1 Controls CASP3 Gene Expression and Caspase-3-Like Activity in the Brain of Rats under Oxidative Stress S. B. Panina, O. I. Gutsenko, N. P. Milyutina, I. V. Kornienko, A. A. Ananyan, D. Yu. Gvaldin, A. A. Plotnikov, and V. V. Vnukov
1245/1550 [Abstract]

The Expression of Matryoshka Gene Encoding a Homologue of Kunitz Peptidase Inhibitor Is Regulated Both at the Level of Transcription and Translation E. V. Sheshukova, T. V. Komarova, N. M. Ershova, A. M. Bronstein, and Y. L. Dorokhov
1255/1562 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

Does Oxidation of Mitochondrial Cardiolipin Trigger a Chain of Antiapoptotic Reactions? A. Y. Mulkidjanian, D. N. Shalaeva, K. G. Lyamzaev, and B. V. Chernyak
1263/1572 [Abstract]

Inhibition of Cannabinoid Receptor 1 Can Influence the Lipid Metabolism in Mice with Diet-Induced Obesity L. W. Wei, Z. Q. Yuan, M. D. Zhao, C. W. Gu, J. H. Han, and L. Fu
1279/- [Abstract]