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Biochemistry (Moscow), Volume 85(Suppl 1), 2020

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REVIEW: Cold Shock Domain Proteins: Structure and Interaction with Nucleic Acids

K. S. Budkina, N. E. Zlobin, S. V. Kononova, L. P. Ovchinnikov, and A. V. Babakov
S1 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

REVIEW: Molecular Mechanisms of Pathologies of Skeletal and Cardiac Muscles Caused by Point Mutations in the Tropomyosin Genes A. M. Matyushenko and D. I. Levitsky
S20 [Abstract]

REVIEW: The Role of Halogenative Stress in Atherogenic Modification of Low-Density Lipoproteins O. M. Panasenko, T. I. Torkhovskaya, I. V. Gorudko, and A. V. Sokolov
S34 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Dual Character of Reactive Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Halogen Species: Endogenous Sources, Interconversions and Neutralization N. T. Moldogazieva, I. M. Mokhosoev, T. I. Mel’nikova, S. P. Zavadskiy, A. N. Kuz’menko, and A. A. Terentiev
S56 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Drug-Related Carcinogenesis: Risk Factors and Approaches for Its Prevention G. A. Belitskiy, K. I. Kirsanov, E. A. Lesovaya, and M. G. Yakubovskaya
S79 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Neuroregeneration: Regulation in Neurodegenerative Diseases and Aging N. V. Bobkova, R. A. Poltavtseva, S. V. Leonov, and G. T. Sukhikh
S108 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Evolution of Proteins of the DNA Photolyase/Cryptochrome Family Yu. L. Vechtomova, T. A. Telegina, and M. S. Kritsky
S131 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Chitin/Chitosan and Its Derivatives: Fundamental Problems and Practical Approaches V. P. Varlamov, A. V. Il’ina, B. Ts. Shagdarova, A. P. Lunkov, and I. S. Mysyakina
S154 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Phospholipase Superfamily: Structure, Functions, and Biotechnological Applications S. Yu. Filkin, A. V. Lipkin, and A. N. Fedorov
S177 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Nanohybrid Structures Based on Plasmonic or Fluorescent Nanoparticles and Retinal-Containing Proteins V. A. Oleinikov, D. O. Solovyeva, and S. Yu. Zaitsev
S196 [Abstract]