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Biochemistry (Moscow), Volume 64 (1999), Number 5

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Some Properties of Dissimilatory Nitrate Reductases Lacking Molybdenum and Molybdenum Cofactor

A. N. Antipov, N. N. Lyalikova, T. V. Khiznjak, and N. P. L'vov
483/581 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

DNase II in Spermatozoa of the Loach Misgurnus fossilis L. Yu. V. Nechaevsky and V. A. Ivanov
488/587 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

Nucleotide Sequence of the Gene and Features of the Major Outer Membrane Protein of a Virulent Rickettsia prowazekii Strain V. V. Emelyanov and N. G. Demyanova
494/594 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

Photoelectric Responses of Oxygen-Evolving Complexes of Photosystem II M. D. Mamedov, O. E. Beshta, K. N. Gurovskaya, A. A. Mamedova, K. D. Neverov, V. D. Samuilov, and A. Yu. Semenov
504/606 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

Cellular Signalling and Free-Radical Modulating Activities of the Novel Peptidomimetic L-Glutamyl-Histamine M. A. Babizhayev, Yu. A. Semiletov, Yu. A. Lul'kin, N. L. Sakina, E. L. Savel'yeva, A. I. Deyev, L. I. Alimbarova, I. F. Barinskii, J.-F. Nicolay, Ch. Paillet, G. Langrand, and F. Seguin
510/612 [Abstract]

Structure of a Neutral O-Specific Polysaccharide of the Bacterium Providencia alcalifaciens O5 G. V. Zatonsky, O. V. Bystrova, N. A. Kocharova, A. S. Shashkov, Yu. A. Knirel, E. V. Kholodkova, and E. S. Stanislavsky
523/628 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Biochemical Predetermination of the NO Synthase and Nitrite Reductase Components of the Nitric Oxide Cycle V. P. Reutov
528/634 [Abstract]

Age-Dependent Changes of Lipid Composition in Daphnia magna E. A. Bychek and I. A. Gushchina
543/652 [Abstract]

Opioid Agonist Modulation of Cytoplasmic Free Ca2+ Level in Concanavalin A-Stimulated Mouse Lymphocytes I. M. Molotkovskaya, I. V. Malyukova, and L. A. Zakharova
546/656 [Abstract]

Do Protein Molecules Have a Native-Like Topology in the Pre-molten Globule State? V. N. Uversky and A. L. Fink
552/663 [Abstract]

Phosphorylation of a Low-Molecular-Weight Polypeptide in Rat Liver Mitochondria and Dependence of Its Phosphorylation on Mitochondrial Functional State T. S. Azarashvili, I. V. Odinokova, and Yu. V. Evtodienko
556/668 [Abstract]

Investigation of Sialic Acids and Sialyltransferase Activity in Blood of Patients with Systemic Scleroderma N. D. Gabrielyan, A. V. Komleva, V. V. Nasonov, R. T. Alekperov, M. N. Starovoitova, and N. G. Guseva
561/674 [Abstract]

The Anion-Carrier Mediated Uncoupling Effect of Dicarboxylic Fatty Acids in Liver Mitochondria Depends on the Position of the Second Carboxyl Group O. V. Markova, D. I. Bondarenko, and V. N. Samartsev
565/679 [Abstract]

Structural Organization of Membrane and Soluble Forms of Somatic Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme S. V. Grinshtein, I. I. Nikolskaya, N. L. Klyachko, A. V. Levashov, and O. A. Kost
571/686 [Abstract]

A Site-Specific Endonuclease from the Thermophilic Strain Bacillus Species F4 T. Yu. Zharmukhamedova, N. G. Privezencova, O. V. Shishova, S. A. Shiryaev, L. A. Zheleznaya, and N. I. Matvienko
581/697 [Abstract]

Phosphorescence of Intermediates of the Terminal Stage of Chlorophyll Biosynthesis in Plants A. A. Krasnovsky, Jr., O. B. Belyaeva, Yu. V. Kovalev, N. V. Ignatov, and F. F. Litvin
587/703 [Abstract]

Myoglobin: What Is It for? A. D. Vinogradov
592/709 [Full Article]

Comments to the Paper of A. D. Vinogradov "Myoglobin: What Is It for?" V. P. Skulachev
594/711 [Full Article]

Molecular Biology of Steroid and Nuclear Hormone Receptors A. N. Smirnov
595/713 [Full Article]

Oleg Borisovich Ptitsyn A. V. Finkelstein
597/716 [Full Article]