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Biochemistry (Moscow), Volume 79(8), 2014

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REVIEW: Cancer-Retina Antigens – A New Group of Tumor Antigens

M. O. Golovastova, A. V. Bazhin, and P. P. Philippov
733/923 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Lithium Salts – Simple but Magic E. Y. Plotnikov, D. N. Silachev, L. D. Zorova, I. B. Pevzner, S. S. Jankauskas, S. D. Zorov, V. A. Babenko, M. V. Skulachev, and D. B. Zorov
740/932 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Mechanisms of Sensing and Adaptive Responses to Low Oxygen Conditions in Mammals and Yeasts T. A. Trendeleva, D. A. Aliverdieva, and R. A. Zvyagilskaya
750/944 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Prions and Chaperones: Friends or Foes? Y. Y. Stroylova, G. G. Kiselev, E. V. Schmalhausen, and V. I. Muronetz
761/957 [Abstract]

Dissecting the Extended “–10” Escherichia coli rpsB Promoter Activity and Regulation in vivo L. V. Aseev, L. S. Koledinskaya, and I. V. Boni
776/974 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

Inhibitory Effect of Post-micellar SDS Concentration on Thermal Aggregation and Activity of Papain A. Qadeer, M. Zaman, and R. H. Khan
785/985 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

Differential Binding of Plasma Proteins by Liposomes Loaded with Lipophilic Prodrugs of Methotrexate and Melphalan in the Bilayer N. R. Kuznetsova and E. L. Vodovozova
797/999 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

Interaction of HydSL Hydrogenase from the Purple Sulfur Bacterium Thiocapsa roseopersicina BBS with Methyl Viologen and Positively Charged Polypeptides A. V. Abdullatypov, N. A. Zorin, and A. A. Tsygankov
805/1009 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

Role of CD11b/CD18 in Priming of Human Leukocytes by Endotoxin Glycoforms from Escherichia coli D. S. Kabanov, S. V. Grachev, and I. R. Prokhorenko
812/1015 [Abstract]

11S Storage Globulin from Pumpkin Seeds: Regularities of Proteolysis by Papain A. S. Rudakova, S. V. Rudakov, I. A. Kakhovskaya, and A. D. Shutov
820/1024 [Abstract]

Mutant Forms of Escherichia coli Protein L25 Unable to Bind to 5S rRNA Are Incorporated Efficiently into the Ribosome in vivo A. Y. Anikaev, A. P. Korepanov, A. V. Korobeinikova, V. G. Kljashtorny, W. Piendl, S. V. Nikonov, M. B. Garber, and G. M. Gongadze
826/1031 [Abstract] [Supplement]

Characterization of Wound-Induced Serine Protease Inhibitor (wip1) Genes and Proteins in Turkish Maize Varieties E. Filiz, H. Tombuloglu, I. Koc, and E. Osma
836/1042 [Abstract]

On the paper by E. R. Muslikhov, I. F. Sukhanova, and P. V. Avdonin entitled “Arachidonic Acid Activates Release of Calcium Ions from Reticulum via Ryanodine Receptor Channels in C2C12 Skeletal Myotubes” published in Biochemistry (Moscow), Vol. 79, No. 5, pp. 435-439 (2014) Orison O. Woolcott and Md. Shahidul Islam
845/1052 [Abstract]