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Biochemistry (Moscow), Volume 81(3), 2016

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REVIEW: Overview of Fusion Tags for Recombinant Proteins

E. N. Kosobokova, K. A. Skrypnik, and V. S. Kosorukov
187/299 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Chlorophylls d and f and Their Role in Primary Photosynthetic Processes of Cyanobacteria S. I. Allakhverdiev, V. D. Kreslavski, S. K. Zharmukhamedov, R. A. Voloshin, D. V. Korol’kova, T. Tomo, and J.-R. Shen
201/315 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Structure and Functions of Linker Histones A. V. Lyubitelev, D. V. Nikitin, A. K. Shaytan, V. M. Studitsky, and M. P. Kirpichnikov
213/329 [Abstract]

Age-Related Changes in Antioxidant and Glutathione S-Transferase Enzyme Activities in the Asian Clam J. Vranković
224/339 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

Interaction of Nucleotide Excision Repair Protein XPC–RAD23B with DNA Containing Benzo[a]pyrene-Derived Adduct and Apurinic/Apyrimidinic Site within a Cluster L. V. Starostenko,  E. A. Maltseva, N. A. Lebedeva, P. E. Pestryakov, O. I. Lavrik, and N. I. Rechkunova
233/350 [Abstract]

Effect of Thrombin Inhibitors on Positive Feedback in the Coagulation Cascade N. B. Ustinov, E. G. Zav’yalova, and A. M. Kopylov
242/361 [Abstract]

Identification of a Region of the Polypeptide Chain of Na,K-ATPase α-Subunit Interacting with 67-kDa Melittin-Like Protein Yu. V. Kamanina, E. A. Klimanova, E. A. Dergousova, I. Yu. Petrushanko, and O. D. Lopina
249/369 [Abstract]

Tankyrase Activity in Organs and Tissues of Mice A. N. Kuimov, A. S. Zhozhikashvili, V. N. Manskikh, L. V. Platonova, and T. G. Dyuzheva
255/376 [Abstract]

DNA with Damage in Both Strands as Affinity Probes and Nucleotide Excision Repair Substrates N. V. Lukyanchikova, I. O. Petruseva, A. N. Evdokimov, V. N. Silnikov, and O. I. Lavrik
263/386 [Abstract]

Dynamics of Antagonistic Potency of Rhodobacter capsulatus PG Lipopolysaccharide against Endotoxin-Induced Effects D. S. Kabanov, D. A. Serov, S. V. Zubova, S. V. Grachev, and I. R. Prokhorenko
275/401 [Abstract]

Mathematical Model of Self-Oscillations of Activity of Kai Proteins Sh. K. Bayramov
284/410 [Abstract]

Isoferulic Acid Action against Glycation-Induced Changes in Structural and Functional Attributes of Human High-Density Lipoprotein D. S. Jairajpuri and Z. S. Jairajpuri
289/416 [Abstract]