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Biochemistry (Moscow), Volume 85(8), 2020

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REVIEW: Role of Kisspeptin in Regulation of Reproductive and Immune Reactions

O. L. Gorbunova and S. V. Shirshev
839/987 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Modern View of Neutrophilic Asthma Molecular Mechanisms and Therapy I. P. Shilovskiy, A. A. Nikolskii, O. M. Kurbacheva, and M. R. Khaitov
854/1004 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Translesion DNA Synthesis and Reinitiation of DNA Synthesis in Chemotherapy Resistance E. S. Shilkin, E. O. Boldinova, A. D. Stolyarenko, R. I. Goncharova, R. N. Chuprov-Netochin, M. P. Smal, and A. V. Makarova
869/1021 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Role of NUDIX Hydrolases in NAD and ADP-Ribose Metabolism in Mammals V. A. Kulikova and A. A. Nikiforov
883/1037 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Glutathione Synthesis in Cancer Cells E. V. Kalinina and L. A. Gavriliuk
895/1051 [Abstract]

Zinc Switch in Pig Heart Lipoamide Dehydrogenase: Steady-State and Transient Kinetic Studies of the Diaphorase Reaction I. G. Gazaryan, V. A. Shchedrina, N. L. Klyachko, A. A. Zakhariants, S. V. Kazakov, and A. M. Brown
908/1066 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

Isoforms of the DHTKD1-Encoded 2-Oxoadipate Dehydrogenase, Identified in Animal Tissues, Are not Observed upon the Human DHTKD1 Expression in Bacterial or Yeast Systems A. I. Boyko, A. V. Artiukhov, T. Kaehne, M. L. di Salvo, M. C. Bonaccorsi di Patti, R. Contestabile, A. Tramonti, and V. I. Bunik
920/1080 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

Electrogenesis in Plasma Membrane Fraction of Halotolerant Microalga Dunaliella maritima and Effects of N,N′-Dicyclohexylcarbodiimide L. G. Popova, D. A. Matalin, and Yu. V. Balnokin
930/1091 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

Moderate-Intensity Continuous Training Improves FGF21 and KLB Expression in Obese Mice Yingzhe Xiong, Yan Chen, Yao Liu, and Bing Zhang
938/1100 [Abstract]

Fibrinogen Modification and Fibrin Formation in Patients with an End-Stage Renal Disease Subjected to Peritoneal Dialysis M. Baralić, D. Robajac, A. Penezić, G. Miljuš, M. Šunderić, N. Gligorijević, and O. Nedić
947/1110 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Electric Cables of Living Cells. II. Bacterial Electron Conductors V. V. Ptushenko
955/1120 [Abstract]

Erratum to: Phycoerythrin Association with Photosystem II in the Cryptophyte Alga Rhodomonas salina I. N. Stadnichuk, T. M. Novikova, G. S. Miniuk, V. A. Boichenko, Yu. V. Bolychevtseva, E. S. Gusev, and E. P. Lukashev
966/- [Full Article]