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Biochemistry (Moscow), Volume 86(Suppl 1), 2021

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REVIEW: Cardio-Vascular Heat Shock Protein (cvHsp, HspB7), an Unusual Representative of Small Heat Shock Protein Family

Lydia K. Muranova, Vladislav M. Shatov, Olesya V. Bukach, and Nikolai B. Gusev
S1 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Associations between Neurological Diseases and Mutations in the Human Glycyl-tRNA Synthetase Ekaterina S. Vinogradova, Oleg S. Nikonov, and Ekaterina Yu. Nikonova
S12 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Metallo-β-Lactamases: Influence of the Active Site Structure on the Mechanisms of Antibiotic Resistance and Inhibition Elena O. Levina and Maria G. Khrenova
S24 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Diversity of LSM Family Proteins: Similarities and Differences Natalia V. Lekontseva, Elena A. Stolboushkina, and Alexey D. Nikulin
S38 [Abstract]

REVIEW: TRPV1 Ion Channel: Structural Features, Activity Modulators, and Therapeutic Potential Irina N. Gladkikh, Oksana V. Sintsova, Elena V. Leychenko, and Sergey A. Kozlov
S50 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Control of Genome through Variative Nature of Histone-Modifying Ubiquitin Ligases Anna V. Bacheva, Nataliya N. Gotmanova, Alexey A. Belogurov, and Anna A. Kudriaeva
S71 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Enzymes of Polyphosphate Metabolism in Yeast: Properties, Functions, Practical Significance Tatiana V. Kulakovskaya, Nadezhda A. Andreeva, Larisa A. Ledova, Lubov P. Ryazanova, Ludmila V. Trilisenko, and Michail A. Eldarov
S96 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

REVIEW: Small Noncoding RNAs and Their Role in the Pathogenesis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Infection Albina A. Ostrik, Tatyana L. Azhikina, and Elena G. Salina
S109 [Abstract]

REVIEW: CRISPR/Cas Genome Editing in Filamentous Fungi Aleksandra M. Rozhkova and Valeriy Yu. Kislitsin
S120 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Electroanalysis of Biomolecules: Rational Selection of Sensor Construction Victoria V. Shumyantseva, Lubov E. Agafonova, Tatiana V. Bulko, Alexey V. Kuzikov, Rami A. Masamrekh, Jiayin Yuan, Dmitry V. Pergushov, and Larisa V. Sigolaeva
S140 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Reevaluation of Phytase Action Mechanism in Animal Nutrition Valerij S. Kryukov, Ilona V. Glebova, and Sergej V. Zinoviev
S152 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Bioconversion of Renewable Plant Biomass. Second-Generation Biofuels: Raw Materials, Biomass Pretreatment, Enzymes, Processes, and Cost Analysis Arkadij P. Sinitsyn and Olga A. Sinitsyna
S166 [Abstract]