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Biochemistry (Moscow), Volume 62 (1997), Number 8

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Anionic Polymers in Cell Walls of Gram-Positive Bacteria

I. B. Naumova and A. S. Shashkov
809/947 [Abstract]

Purification and Partial Characterization of L-Fucose-Specific Lectin from Fruit Bodies of Peziza badia Merat. V. A. Antonyuk
841/983 [Abstract]

Isolation and Analysis of Soluble Oligosaccharides Stimulating Root Formation from Pea Shoots O. A. Zabotina, O. P. Gurjanov, D. A. Ayupova, V. V. Lozovaya, G. Beldman, and A. G. J. Voragen
845/988 [Abstract]

Specific Cleavage of Hybrid Proteins by Proteinase Encoded by the KEX2 Gene L. Ya. Bessmertnaya, I. I. Loiko, T. I. Goncharova, N. V. Ivanov, L. D. Rumsh, and V. K. Antonov
850/993 [Abstract] [Full Article]

Activation/Inactivation Equilibrium of CF1-ATPase O. I. Vitseva and A. N. Malyan
858/1001 [Abstract]

Apoptosis in Cells of the Initial Leaf and Coleoptile of Wheat Seedlings: Internucleosomal Fragmentation of Genome and Synthesis of "Heavy" Oligonucleosome-Size DNA Fragments M. D. Kirnos, N. I. Alexandrushkina, and B. F. Vanyushin
864/1008 [Abstract]

Assessment of Dot-Blot ELISA Sensitivity on Membrane Sorbent Using Various Peroxidase Substrates A. P. Bogoyavlensky, I. E. Digel, and V. E. Berezin
870/1015 [Abstract]

Site-Specific Endonucleases RspLKI and RspLKII from Rhodococcus species LK2 are Isoschizomers of SphI and BamHI E. V. Zabaznaya, L. A. Zheleznaya, and N. I. Matvienko
872/1018 [Abstract] [Full Article]

Site-Specific Endonuclease from Thermophilic Bacillus Species MK Strain is Isoschizomers of SalI M. A. Kerzhner, S. A. Shiryaev, L. A. Zheleznaya, and N. I. Matvienko
883/1029 [Abstract] [Full Article]

Expression of cDNA Fragment Encoding Ligand-Binding Domain of Human Low Density Lipoprotein Receptor in Escherichia coli Cells O. L. Runova, M. Yu. Mandelshtam, V. I. Golubkov, V. E. Sukonina, A. D. Denisenko, and V. S. Gaitskhoki
890/1037 [Abstract]

Role of Carotenoids in Adaptation of the Photosynthetic Bacterium Rhodobacter sphaeroides to Growth Conditions A. A. Yeliseev and S. Kaplan
898/1046 [Abstract]

Glutamyl Endopeptidase of Bacillus intermedius Strain 3-19. Purification, Properties, and Crystallization I. B. Leshchinskaya, E. V. Shakirov, E. L. Itskovitch, N. P. Balaban, A. M. Mardanova, M. R. Sharipova, E. V. Blagova, V. M. Levdikov, I. P. Kuranova, G. N. Rudenskaya, and V. M. Stepanov
903/1052 [Abstract]

Hill Reaction in Pea Chloroplasts: Contribution of Photosystem II and Photosystem I to Ferricyanide Reduction V. D. Samuilov, E. L. Barsky, and A. V. Kitashov
909/1060 [Abstract] [Full Article]

Comparative Study on Monoclonal Immunoglobulin M and Rheumatoid Immunoglobulin M by Differential Scanning Microcalorimetry I. I. Protasevich, B. Ranjbar, E. Yu. Varlamova, I. A. Cherkasov, and V. A. Lapuk
914/1066 [Abstract] [Full Article]

Isolation, Purification, and Characterization of a Neutral Mg2+-Dependent Deoxyribonuclease of the Colorado Potato Beetle Leptinotarsa decemlineata Say S. A. Borodin and A. S. Konichev
919/1072 [Abstract]

Functional Activation of Antibodies on Modification with Pd(II) Coproporphyrin I N-Hydroxysuccinimide Ester Ya. I. Mel'nikova, Z. I. Kravchuk, V. A. Preygerzon, and S. P. Martsev
924/1077 [Abstract]

Comparative Analysis of the Molecular Heterogeneity of Ceruloplasmin from Human Blood and Breast Milk L. V. Puchkova, E. T. Zakharova, T. D. Aleinikova, S. V. Mokshina, N. V. Tsymbalenko, L. K. Sasina, M. R. Shirmanova, N. P. Rogacheva, and V. S. Gaitskhoki
928/1082 [Abstract]

To the Authors and Readers of Our Journal 932/-- [Full Article]